Complete Guide to {Places to Go Dancing} in Jersey City

Ever want to just dance your heart out? Have that Saturday night fever feeling? JC is full of places to let yourself loose and dance the night away. From club scenes, to live music, DJs, and hole-in-the walls, here are your top places to boogie on down.

The Brightside Tavern

The Brightside Tavern has something for everyone: live jazz, a game room, delicious food, and drinks, and, of course a great nightlife full of dancing. Enjoy a quick swing to live jazz, or get down to a DJ on the weekends. 141 Bright St.

Hudson Hall

Hudson Hall has the perfect amount of space to throw major club nights. With local DJs and packed weekends, Hudson Hall is one of the top places to just dance. Equipped with great food, drinks and, of course lots of space, you can dance your heart out all weekend long. 364 Marin Blvd.


You can always expect to have a crazy dancing night on the weekends at Porta. With three stories of dance floors (including a roof), live music, and DJs this place transforms into quite a disco. Although sometimes the line seems unbearable, the wait is worth it to dance and sing your heart out all night, and you'll never be disappointed. 135 Newark Ave.

Bobby Dee's JC

With a tag line of "New Old Dive Bar in JC" Bobby Dee's is the place to check out. With events and live music every weekend the dance floor will be rocking. Grab a drink and boogie on down to some local DJs and musicians. 49 Beacon Ave.

Carvao BBQ

Carvao is a rustic bar and restaurant with not only delicious food, but also an amazing nightlife. When the ovens turn off, the club turns on. With a great nightlife, and a great location in JSQ dancing will be one of your many delights here. 686 Bergen Ave.

The Factory

The Factory is HUGE, seriously, I mean its named 'The Factory.' So therefore, the space inside is perfect for huge dance parties. They offer themed music nights, which is great to break out of your comfort zone of dancing. 451 Communipaw Ave.

FM Restaurant

FM is another staple that is known for daily events, great live music, and awesome dance parties. Come boogie on down with themed parties, live local music, and amazing cover bands. There is a dance event for everyone. 340 3rd St.

Golden Cicada Tavern

This place is a small, locally owned joint and one of the oldest around. Although known for their special shots, this place is also known for karaoke. Come dance the night away to people's renditions of classics, and even step up to the mic for your own debut. 195 Grand St.

Grove Corner/The Bistro/The Underground

Grove Corner Bar, the Bistro, and the Underground all offer unique spaces under one roof with diverse crowds to dance the night away. Nightly, the schedule can run from DJs, live music, and great playlists perfect for any of your picky friends. 116 Newark Ave.

Journal Square Pub

Located in the heart of JSQ, Journal Square Pub is family owned and operated. Stocked with a full bar, late hours, and a DJ you can dance the night away while being a short walk or PATH ride back home. 50 Journal Square Plaza


One of the smaller locations on this list, LITM is one of the coolest bars around. Filled with local art, talented bartenders, and great drinks, this is just the beginning. This space transforms into an intimate disco for all of your dancing needs. 140 Newark Ave.

Lucky 7's

Lucky 7's is a small joint, filled with eclectic décor and offering some of the best music selections around. Open late night, with great specials, its no wonder that crowds of people love it here. With just enough space to dance, and drink, it's a no brainer to go to. 322 2nd St.

Miss Wong's

Another hidden gem, Miss Wong's is between the bars in Talde. This nightclub is definitely one for the books: the entrance to the club is just the beginning. It's always busy, and always has a great dance vibe. 8 Erie St.

Moore's Lounge

Moore's Lounge offers live music every weekend. The only thing that could make live jazz and great food better, do a quick dance with your other half during the songs! This may not be your typical 'dance' place, but this is a place to escape the DJs and pop music while still enjoying a dance. 189 Monticello Ave.

New Park Tavern

Although this is one of the best burger joints around, New Park Tavern is open late for those who want to enjoy the night. New Park is not only a great neighborhood place to have a beer and burger, but get a quick dance in between drinks. 575 West Side Ave.

O'Hara's Downtown

A few steps away from the Grove Street Path on Newark and 1st, O'Hara's is one of the best places to leave your inhibitions at the door and let loose on the dance floor. This Irish pub turned dance hall at night is perfect for dancing all the workweek stresses away. 172 1st St.

Oralé Mexican Kitchen

Oralé is known for its amazing food, tequila, margaritas and, of course atmosphere. It is this atmosphere that makes it to be one of the best places to escape from the business of life and just dance. 341 Grove St.

Pet Shop

This rock bar is a staple in the neighborhood, serving some of the best cocktails around. The tunes here also do not disappoint. Offering great live music selections and a large back area, Pet Shop is great for a quick dance in between drinks. 193 Newark Ave.

Red Lounge

Tucked underneath Pasta e Vino, this hidden gem is one of the best 'night club' feels in Jersey City. With a sultry but glamorous interior, Red is the perfect place for a dance party. With booths and plenty of seating to make you feel like royalty you can take a break in between songs with a drink, or two. 136 Newark Ave.

Rooftop at Exchange Place

What could be better than dancing on a rooftop? Dancing on a rooftop with an epic view of NYC. Get this and more at the Rooftop at Exchange Place. Have a classy night, full of smooth moves, great views, and vibes. 1 Exchange Pl.

The Royal

One of the newer kids on the block, The Royal has one of the best and most exciting vibes around. The Royal offers dance parties several nights of the weekends and of the week. Stray away from Grove Street and visit the Royal for a dance night. 100 York St.


South House's vibe screams classic southern rock. But on the weekends, and some weekdays, South House's nightlife is one not to be missed. With a mix of music, for all tastes, you and your friends can jam out to classic music, pop, and anything in-between. 149 Newark Ave.

VB3 Restaurant and Bar

This lounge sports NYC vibes in JC. From a large stocked bar, mood lighting, fancy décor, and of course room to dance, you can feel like you're in the city without actually having the hassle of going there. 475 Washington Blvd.

White Eagle Hall

White Eagle Hall is not a typical club dance party, but it does have a great concert lineup every week. And what comes with great live music? Dancing! There's not much better than dancing all night to your favorite live bands. 337 Newark Ave.

Zeppelin Hall

This German beer-hall-inspired bar offers a different atmosphere from a club scene. Although fit with a DJ some nights, the large space and open floor plan make it an ideal place to dance, enjoy a big beer, and sit outside when things get a little too warm inside. 88 Liberty View Dr.

Written by Angela Ashman

Angela is a graduate student of cultural anthropology. While living in JC for the past two years, she has developed quite a taste for champagne, eclectic bars and exploring dog parks with her adorable cardigan welsh corgi, Olive. Follow her adventures with Olive on her Instagram @angie_ash!