5 Best Jersey City Bars for Beer Lovers

5 Best Jersey City Bars for Beer Lovers

Posted in Drinks on February 23, 2016

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Jersey City is very much a beer lover's paradise. There are so many different establishments offering up a wide variety of beer that you will be able to find whatever you are looking for without having to go very far. Despite the large number of options, there are a few bars that set themselves above the rest.

Zeppelin Hall Restaurant & Biergarten

With an enormous outdoor picnic table area, several different bars, and more beers on tap than I can count, Zeppelin Hall has it all. They take the German Biergarten concept and do it to perfection. They offer a huge selection of beers that you can't even pronounce and also the common beers we all know and love. When a bar has a double sided draft beer menu, you know they are serious about their beer.


Taphaus features over 50 draft beers, from as far away as Germany and Belgium and as close as North Bergen. Not to mention, they have one of the best views in Jersey City. Bonus: Try the pretzel. Trust me.


Porta is a little bit different in the beer category in that they don't have a huge selection of draft beer. What they do have is a unique selection of cans and bottles that will let you try some new brews that you haven't heard of before. Hint: Get the New Jersey Brewing LBIPA.

Iron Monkey

Iron Monkey's beer menu is a book (yes, a book) called the Beer Bible. They have 39 beers on tap and countless others in cans and bottles from all around the world. This unique establishment has 3 levels with a rooftop bar and is the perfect destination for any beer lover.


Not only do they have a ridiculous selection of awesome arcade games, but they also have one of the best draft beer selections in Jersey City. Their draft beers are constantly rotating and they also have agreements with some local craft breweries for exclusive brews which change on a regular basis as well.