8 {Fun Facts} About Jersey City

8 {Fun Facts} About Jersey City

Posted in Travel on April 06, 2016

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As I'm sure you already know, Jersey City is one incredible place. From the city's vibrant culture to its expanding entertainment options, Jersey City continues to grow in many ways month after month. With that said, here are some fun facts you may not know!

1. The Statue of Liberty is officially in Jersey City, though New York has legal jurisdiction.

2. One of the four underground railroad routes led to Jersey City.

3. Dixon Mills produced the first graphite pencils in downtown Jersey City.

4. Shaquille O'Neal grew up in Jersey City, while also spending time in Newark.

5. The Colgate clock on the Jersey City waterfront is the 4th largest clock in the world.

6. Jersey City is often called "The 6th Borough" due to its close proximity to New York City

7. The Liberty Science Center is home to the nation's largest IMAX dome.

8. Jersey City was home to one of the first medical centers in the United States.