Smorgasburg: 6 Must-Try {New} Vendors for 2016

Smorgasburg: 6 Must-Try {New} Vendors for 2016

Posted in Eats on April 14, 2016

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Smorgasburg reopened in Williamsburg (on the waterfront in East River State Park - 90 Kent Ave at N. 7 St. ) on Saturday, April 2nd, and some amazing new vendors have been added to this year's fun! With 100 vendors, Smorgasburg is a Saturday staple for locals and visitors alike! We know where you'll be this (and maybe every) Saturday from 11am-6pm!

If you're looking for a delicious breakfast sandwich made completely from scratch (including the English muffin), look no further than Red Table Catering! Make sure you grab some napkins, because it's gonna get messy!

Classic: Big Mozz

We're in the mood for pizza 24/7, 365 which is why Big Mozz gets our nod as the "classic" option. You can't miss their custom copper pizza oven, and once you taste their fresh mutz, we know you'll be back again!

Wild Card: Brunch Street

You may be saying to yourself "What the heck is that?" For that reason, this is our wild card. BrunchStreet serves up variations of Quail eggs on a skewer. If you're feeling adventurous and you like new things, this is for you!

Sangwich: The Choripan

If you're in the mood for a nice sangwich (Read: sandwich), The Choripan is your spot. This sandwich is made up of a grilled sausage served (made by The Choripan team using a family recipe from Argentina) on soft club bread with chimichurri, lettuce, tomato, and mayo - yum!

Treat Yo'self: Rain Drop Cake

You may have heard of it by now, as Raindrop Cake is all the rage at this year's Smorgasburg so far. It's a definite must-try, and the texture is quite hard to describe. Let us know what you think about this one!

Take Home: Stagg Jams

Stagg Jams is our pick for something you can bring home from Smorgasburg and enjoy more than once (aka all week). These small batch jams and marmalades are created using seasonal fruits, and are perfect on toast for breakfast - our favorite!

Have a favorite we didn't mention? Let us know on Instagram @haveanight_wburg!