6 Things I Learned This Weekend {in Manayunk}

6 Things I Learned This Weekend {in Manayunk}

Posted in Drinks on April 18, 2016

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"You live and you learn." That's the saying right? For some reason I have a really tough time on the learning side of things. Years of practice and I am still not an expert at going out without getting a hangover in the morning.

1) There is no better party song than "Shout".

Old or young, you're automatically gravitating to the dance floor. Get those shoulders loose because they are about to get a workout.

2) Wine followed by Jameson is not a good idea.

Do I even have to explain this one? Is Jameson ever a good idea in the first place?

3) There's no such thing as too much Insomnia.

I could eat snickerdoodles and only snickerdoodles for a week straight. Prove it you ask? Bring it on.

4) Nothing puts out the fire like a Winnie's breakfast.

Eggs on eggs on eggs. The only answer to that awesome wine before Jameson idea.

5) Bloody Marys help the Sunday Scaries go away.

End the weekend on a high note.

6) $1 Clams & Oysters at Anastasi is always a good idea

Buck-A-Shuck and beers...can't beat it.

What did you learn this weekend? Share your lessons with us @haveanight_yunk!