Know Your Neighborhood: 10 Williamsburg {Fun} Facts

Know Your Neighborhood: 10 Williamsburg {Fun} Facts

Posted in Travel on April 20, 2016

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1. The Williamsburg area was first purchased by the Dutch West India Company in 1638 from Native Americans (believed to be the same tribe that sold Manhattan).

However, the Dutch paid more for Williamsburg than Manhattan, a transaction that included tools and wampum (traditional shell beads).

2. The area was not settled until 1660, when the Dutch allowed the French to build a village governed by Peter Stuyvesant.

He named it "Bosjwick", or "place of the woods."

3. James Hazard ran the first ferry in 1797 that crossed the East River to arrive at the farmers market on the Lower East Side.

4. Up until 1855 Williamsburg was spelled with an h at the end - "Williamsburgh".

5. Brooklyn was originally a city on its own, separate from NYC.

It later merged with the City of New York, later called "The Great Mistake of 1898."

6. Willis Carrier, an engineer from Buffalo, NY, invented air conditioning in 1902 for a print shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The humidity during summer was ruining paper, causing long and expensive waits while they awaited more deliveries.

7. Construction on the Williamsburg Bridge was started in 1896, though it would not open until December 19, 1903.

The $24,200,000 suspension bridge was the longest in the world at the time.

8. Brooklyn is not considered to be a part of Long Island, although it is physically located on the island.

9. There are approximately 1,588 trees on the streets of Williamsburg (not counting those in parks).

10. Smorgasburg, a Brooklyn Flea Food Market, has been rated one of the best flea markets in the USA by multiple publications and travel sites.

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