15 Essentials to a Successful Road Trip

15 Essentials to a Successful Road Trip

Posted in Travel on April 26, 2016

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Roadtrips can either be the experience of a lifetime or a nightmare. Make sure to maximize the potential of your roadtrip by following these simple steps!

1. Large Car

A large car can only mean one thing...a large trunk. This is absolutely critical to keep everyone from their fear of claustrophobia not to mention keep all legroom free. Make sure it has working windows too for when Billy let's one ride.

2. Snacks

Oreos, Goldfish, Pretzels. Need I say more?

3. Hydrate

Road trip hydration is a tough code to crack. Not only do you need the health benefits, but your odds are 1-to-1 on being completely hungover from last night's mayhem. The key is to keep yourself from a reversal of fortune (if you know what I mean) while still not being "that guy/girl" having to stop to use the raunchy rest stop bathrooms every 20 miles.

4. Great Company

This is pretty obvious, but if you don't like the people you're traveling with you are going to have a terrible time. I'll take it one step further and say, don't just go with people you like, but go with people we are going to make your trip that much crazier and that much more memorable.

5. A Plan

Before you judge, I'm a huge supporter on spontaneous moves (see below) but there comes a point where a plan will definitely improve your trip. For instance, if you know you are going to Chicago make sure you check out any special beer festivals, sporting events, etc. that might be going on. These can be great added benefits to your trip.

6. Account for Pitstops

If your navigation tells you it will take 8 hours until your next destination, tack on another 2 hours to account for the excessive pee-er in the back seat, energy drinks for when you start falling asleep at the wheel, and the ever important energy booster, fast food.

7. Account for Time Changes

Time changes can be your best or your worst enemy. You'll never be more excited as you double the speed limit going west only to realize that the bar in Illinois is open for another hour. Enough time to close it down with some shots.

Beware of the nightmare time change coming east. Don't stay an extra 30 in the McDonald's Playplace thinking you have plenty of time to hit the bars at your next destination because that new timezone will bite you in the ass.

8. Spontaneity

I can't say I've never planned on staying in Las Vegas for one night and ended up staying for two. If you have a hard deadline to get to your final destination, you can always make up time by taking a few shortcuts. Cost-Benefit analysis, am I right? It also can't hurt to explore your current city without any directions, advice, or end goal.

9. Spot On Tunes

You'll never want to dance more than when you're stuck in a steel box for hours at a time. Don't keep that need hidden with boring tunes. Bring on the throwbacks and always classics that get your booty movin'. Britney Spears (don't lie, you love it), Bruce Springsteen, The Temptations, & Bob Marley are just some of the incredible jam artists that need to be on your 14+ hour playlist.

10. Car Games

Sign ABCs: Start with A and go to Z by calling out any word on a sign, storefront, car, you name it, starting with the letter you are at. First to Z, wins.

License Plates: This is a team game. Find and look for all 50 states' licenses plates on cars while you are cruising. (If you are able to find the ultra rare Hawaii license plate, you win.)

11. Koozies

Show off where you've been so far! Koozies are great, travel-friendly companions to not only use on your trip, but to remember all the cities you discovered.

12. Pillows

Believe it or not, roadtripping is not fun and games 24 hours a day. You need your sleep and the best place to do that is in the car. Chances are you are not getting any shut-eye in the hotel. Sweet dreams!

13. Leave Extra Packing Room

Knick knacks. You don't want the lack of car/suitcase space to hinder you from getting that badass shot glass from Texas that is the size of your head.

14. Other Activities

Tunes can only go so far for so long, so throw on the inspiring party movie to get your fun juices on point when you get to your next city. If you really want to get crazy, you can always read a book.

15. AAA Membership

I would say to ensure you have a spare tire and jumper cables, but that has to be obvious on a long road trip...right? A great idea would be to sign up with AAA, which is a very cheap yearly membership. It will put your mind at ease in case you break down knowing you will get free towing assistance anywhere in the country. AAA membership also gets you discounts on things like travel and dining.

Happy Roadtripping!

Adam has driven across the country (successfully) three times.