Where To Eat, When To Eat & What To Eat, in Las Vegas

Where To Eat, When To Eat & What To Eat, in Las Vegas

Posted in Travel on April 28, 2016

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I bet if you ask 10 people what their first thought is when they think of Las Vegas, zero will tell you it's the food. Can you blame them? Gambling, Drinking, Clubs, Pools, Shows are all high on many peoples' lists.

Having said this, the food in Las Vegas is some of the best on the planet as it is the entertainment capital of the world. I'm not here to tell you the best 5-star restaurants you need to visit. Not even close. I'm here to tell you the best places to go for each meal if your focus in Vegas isn't the food at all.

Breakfast: The Henry

Those who haven't been to The Cosmopolitan are surely missing out. One of my favorite venues in all of Las Vegas includes a great casino, wild club (Marquee), clean and trendy hotel suites, and multiple entertaining pools for any occasion.

The Henry is a perfect location for a relaxed breakfast. You might have to put the blinders on as you walk through the casino to arrive, but it will be worth it.

What to Order: Cinnamon Roll French Toast. Need I say more?

Lunch: Earl of Sandwich

This. Place. Rules. I've been to Vegas many, many times and if it is between two hotels, with all things equal I'm picking Planet Hollywood every time for the pure fact that it houses Earl of Sandwich.

Whether you grab it to take with you to the pool or grab it while stumbling back from the club, you will not be disappointed. Every Vegas trip I make at least a few appearances and get something different every time. You can't go wrong…ever. Disclaimer: I'm surprised this photo is as clear as it is, based on my less-than trustworthy motor skills at the time.

What to Order: Hawaiian BBQ or All American.

Dinner: Cut

I know I mentioned I wouldn't be talking much about fancy, pricey restaurants, but CUT is too good to pass up. This location in Palazzo is great for a date or a large group (bachelor party, anyone?)

What to Order: Warm Asparagus (Starter), Petit Cut Filet Mignon (Entrée)

Drunk Eats: Pin-Up Pizza

There is nothing like pizza when you can barely walk straight and can't put a full logical sentence together. Planet Hollywood boasts another badass food spot that is open late for all those cravings.

This isn't just a late-night joint, but one that serves amazing pizza even before the alcohol hinders your taste buds. It is known for the largest slice on the strip. New York pizza that has their dough flown in from Italy!

What to Order: Any HUGE slice and some garlic knots

[Bonus] Hangover Eats: In – N – Out Burger

For those out West, you don't need to continue reading. Those unlucky soles who have yet to have all the glory that is In – N – Out, need to make it a focus upon being in Vegas. A bit off the strip, this place is beyond worth the cab ride. Set an amazing base just before getting back on the horse.

What to Order: Double Double, Fries (Animal Style), Large homemade lemonade

If you're not hungry yet, have another beer to get those munchies brewing. With all that Vegas has to offer, you won't have time or the brain capacity to figure out what to eat. Use this guide to save yourself some brain cells for more important things, like winking at that elderly lady or silver fox across the pool.