6 Sober Activities That Are Actually Fun

6 Sober Activities That Are Actually Fun

Posted in Entertainment on May 03, 2016

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Believe it or not, life can be a blast without 9 beers, 5 Jack & Coke's, and 3 shots of Jameson. Whether you decide to do these activities before a night of debauchery or in lieu of, I'm sure you won't regret it.


Nothing like the sound of water crashing on the coast. The beach is also a perfect location for throwing a ball around, reading a book, or catching up on conversation with your friends. If you're not on a coastline, find your nearest body of water such as a lake, reservoir, or river to enjoy similar qualities of fun.

Athletic Activity

Whether you go for a hike with your significant other or play pickup basketball with your friends, being active is great source of serious dopamine. These types of activities are great to build new relationships and strengthen current ones, as this type of chemistry won't be forgotten unlike your questionable dance moves at the bar.


You're never too young (or old) to check out an awesome museum. You can travel overseas or go to your local town/county museum and you're sure to learn something new. It's always amazing to see new exhibits and explore history first hand with ancient ruins and relics.

Flea Markets

These things always amaze me. Even if you think you've seen it all, you're bound to get surprised yet again by the power ranger onesie or deep fried PB & J. If you're in the mood for some random sh*t, get to your nearest flea market to fill your car's trunk for under $50.

Sporting Events

Listen, I'm the first to say that a lot of times the tailgate beats the game, HOWEVER, if you want to really enjoy the game and everything it entails, drinking shouldn't go down. After a wild tailgate, you might remember who won the game, but you won't remember the amazing tackle or unbelievable catch that only ESPN will be able to remind you of.

Plan a Vacation

Planning a vacation and the anticipation of the trip can almost be as much fun as the vacation itself. When you're planning the trip you get to focus on what you want to do and the possibilities are endless. You have no work holding you back, as you get to explore as much as you want during your stay.

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