7 Best {Margaritas} in Williamsburg

7 Best {Margaritas} in Williamsburg

Posted in Drinks on May 04, 2016

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Tequila is always a good choice. Science has proven it doesn't cause hangovers, and it tastes delicious in each and every margarita Williamsburg has to offer! Here are our 7 favorites - each one so delicious that this list is in no particular order!

1. Zona Rosa

Two words. Watermelon. Margaritas.

2. Cariño

You can't beat the $6 Happy Hour Margaritas at Cariño! Happy Hour runs all day on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and from 4-7pm on Thursday and Friday (closed on Mondays). Don't forget about the Happiest Hour in Williamsburg - 11pm-Midnight on Friday and Saturday!

3. Rosarito Fish Shack

Fresh lemon/lime juice is the key to a good marg, and the Rosarito Margarita balances this perfectly. Enjoy these margs at their outdoor seating when the weather cooperates!

4. Cantina Royal

Stray from your usual regular margarita and try one of Cantina Royal's flavored options, like this Strawberry Margarita!

5. Viva Toro

Viva Toro features awesome margaritas and the only Mechanical Bull in Williamsburg!

6. Santos Anne

This is your spot for special margs. Get adventurous and try either the Habanero-Lavender or Ginger St. Germain! Be sure to ask about their Seasonal Margarita as well. Enjoy these tasty cocktails in their garden when the weather is right!

7. Turkey's Nest

Styrofoam to-go cups? Oh yes!