3 Ways To Celebrate Your Love for America in Manayunk

3 Ways To Celebrate Your Love for America in Manayunk

Posted in Entertainment on July 04, 2016

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The 4th of July is always a magical weekend no matter where you might be. A long weekend from work and no better reason to celebrate than freedom.

We have 3 ways for you to get your America on today in our great neighborhood of Manayunk:

Wings on Wings on Wings

You can't beat the smell and taste of true american BBQ. Grilled meat screams "'merica!" Get your wings at:

Drink American Beer

Yuengling, as you should know, is the oldest brewery in America, so mind as well drink it to support such a brewery. Before you talk about Budweiser, they are technically owned of companies outside of the homeland. Get your cold American made juice today at:


Back to the grilled meat theme, there is nothing more American than a big juicy cheeseburger. If you ask 100 people on the street what they will eat for July 4th, 99 will tell you they are grilling burgers. That 1 person not grilling definitely isn't American. Get your perfectly made meat here: