The 5 Best Bars to {Meet Singles} in Jersey City

The 5 Best Bars to {Meet Singles} in Jersey City

Posted in Entertainment on July 08, 2016

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To All the Single People Out There:

With the abundant amount of dating sites out there pounding us with their tales of success on the daily, it must seem like this is the only option for meeting new people-unless, of course, you are brave enough to start randomly chatting with someone on the Path train. Face it: Tinder can be tiresome and swiping can be exhausting! At times, Tinder takes the fun out of the hunt. When the digital game has hit a wall, check out some of the great Jersey City bars below, you will probably meet some fun singles.

Surf City

In the summer, this place is a no brainer with amazing NYC views, outside seating, fire pits, multiple bar areas, and the best Mahi-Mahi burger around! Surf City is your no frills beach bar, but located in Jersey City. This place is great place to go with your "crew" and check out all sorts of people. There are many beers on tap, mixed drinks and frozen beverages ......something for everyone. There are huge picnic tables, big bar areas, and a beach area with real sand and fake palm trees. The communal seating makes it a great place to strike up a conversation with people sitting near you. Come to Surf City after work to kick off your shoes, put your feet in the sand, and check some people out!

South House

This place hits lots of boxes....BBQ, amazing cocktails, live music (next event July 21st @ 8pm) and a game room! How could you go wrong with South House? The ambience is absolutely beautiful. The first floor has tables and a bar which are great for mingling and striking up conversation, but the real fun begins downstairs. Here you will find a bar, great music, and games. The great things about the games is that they make it easier to strike up conversation, and make it a cool place to meet people. There are many options: a pool table, a foosball table. shuffleboard and darts. I would recommend getting a Smoked Old Fashioned, and then heading downstairs to ask someone to play a game with you. .....Loser buys next round!


My friend first brought me to Barcade because I am a designer, and in her mind that translates to nerd and she thought this place would provide a nerd match for me. When all was said and done, I didn't meet any "nerds"; maybe some hipsters and a financial analyst, but the point is I met people. This place makes it really easy to talk to people, whether it is about an interesting craft beer or about playing an old fashion arcade game. Barcade is super casual and relaxed, it will bring out your inner kid, so much fun!


Pizza, craft beers, a huge bar, communal tables, live music, and a DJ on the weekends…Porta gives you the perfect ambience to meet someone new. As you enter, you will come upon a large bar- great for mingling. There is usually a wait if you are getting dinner so this is your opportunity to talk to someone and get a drink. On a gorgeous day go upstairs to the rooftop, there's just something about rooftops; if a bar has a rooftop, you can guess that I am on it. My advice; Sit at a long picnic table, order a pizza, grab a craft beer, get the Jenga game, and ask the stranger next to you if they want to play. What's the worst that could happen? They say no? Well their loss, then go ask the person behind you!

Lucky 7 Tavern

If you ever find yourself missing your college days or just want to an unpretentious, dive bar with super cheap drinks, head to Lucky 7 and have a dance party with your friends or the new friend you just met at the bar! This place has a great mix of people, representing many different age groups and scenes, making it easy to possibly meet the "one" for you. It doesn't matter if you are wearing a suit or cutoff jeans, the old school dance music and cheap beer will motivate you to shamelessly sing pop songs with gusto!

Written by Carly Nemeth

Carly gets really excited over the little things in life, and even more excited about trying out a new bars and restaurants, tasting a new cocktail, or eating a delicious raw oyster. She totally enjoys cooking, bourbon, and that order. Since she has spent much time throughout her life in and around NYC as well as moving to Hoboken in 2011, she has retained an abundant amount of knowledge about where to go and what to see in the area, so much so, that friends and acquaintances frequently use her as a source for great tips. When Carly isn't designing something in Photoshop or creating something; she is mostly likely dragging her friends out and about to try new places that have peaked her interest. Do you want to join our next adventure? Message me on Instagram @carlyaugust !!