5 Reasons to Check Out {Live at the Lumberyard}

5 Reasons to Check Out {Live at the Lumberyard}

Posted in Entertainment on July 15, 2016

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Live at the Lumberyard is a 5 part summer series put on by the Riverview Neighborhood Association at Palisade Lumberyard in Jersey City Heights, NJ. Located in the center of Palisade Ave, Palisade Lumberyard is the perfect location to hold an outdoor concert in a private space. Bands come from all over to perform, different food trucks set up shop at each event, and this year they have multiple sponsors for the entire series.

Why should you come up to the Heights to check out this event? Here are my 5 reasons to check out Live at the Lumberyard:

It is Completely Volunteer Run and Everything About it is Local (see other reasons)

It began as an event for JC Fridays by the Riverview Neighborhood Association (completely volunteer run) and the 2nd set was rained out! With the blessing of the owner of Palisade Lumber, RNA applied for a grant to have 5 events throughout the summer and began to bring in the cavalry. Who are the volunteers? Nick Ciavatta and Gerald Lucas are heights residents with an extensive background in music. They vet and schedule the musicians, work as the MC, and organize the sound. RNA's volunteer Coordinator, Kristina Behrens, rallies the troops, and Jocelyn Patrick leads the volunteers during the event. And, former President, Becky Hoffman, helps plan and set up every event.

It Features Local Bands

This year bands from up and down the east coast were interested in performing, but RNA made it a priority to have it be as local as possible. There is so much talent in Jersey City! Kern is so excited for the July 22nd performance as Rebecca Vallejo will be headlining the night; she is a world renowned local Latin vocalist.

Sponsored by Local Businesses

This year, Fox and Crow, a newish bar down the road, and JCity Realty (2nd year sponsors) are the sponsors for the entire series along with of course Palisade Lumber. Fox and Crow also hosts the after party in The Parlour (a gorgeous speakeasy backroom) of the bar with more music! Remco Press, a North Bergen printing and design company, does all the artwork and printing.

The event feels like it is in your backyard

The Lumberyard feels like a backyard BBQ with great food trucks, your best friends, and great bands. You can bring your own little picnic, dance with your children, or hang out with the puppies outside the fenced area.

You get a taste of what is happening in the Heights

There are so many events happening in Jersey City and it is no different in this section of the city.

Here are some fun things happening the rest of the summer:

  • Music in the Park – Great Bands on Sunday afternoon (August 7) at Riverview Fisk Park hosted by Farms in the Heights
  • Annual Peach Pie Contest – August 21st Sponsored by Farms in the Heights
  • Jazzy Brunch – Every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the Month at the Corkscrew Bar
  • The Parlour – Every Saturday at 10pm experience the backroom parlour of Fox and Crow!
  • Backroom Broadsides – 1st Tuesday of the month - Spoken Word Series presented by James Ruggia and RNA at Fox and Crow
  • Open Mic Night – Every Tuesday night at the Corkscrew Bar

To learn more about the history of Live at the Lumberyard and the amazing work Riverview Neighborhood Association does check out my blog: http://bit.ly/gjclatly

Photos courtesy of John Matthews, RNA, and Jenna Firshein

Written by Jenna Firshein

Jenna has been living in Jersey City for 7 years and considers herself a townie. Starting in Journal Square and moving to the Heights she is always on the lookout for a new restaurant to try or someone new to meet. On the weekends you can normally find her at one of the Heights events or just taking a walk and shopping local. She has her own blog GrowinginJerseyCity.com where she shares the amazing stories of the people we call neighbors and the awesome places popping up all over Jersey City. Follow her on instagram @growinginjerseycity to follow her adventures.