Now Official: No L Train to Manhattan for 18 Months

Now Official: No L Train to Manhattan for 18 Months

Posted in Travel on July 25, 2016

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It was just announced, that the L Train will be stopping all service from Brooklyn to Manhattan as well as all stops on the L Train line within Manhattan. The shutdown will start in January 2019. This decision was looming for the last several months with the MTA just deciding on the 18 month closure. The closure comes from a need to fix the tunnel from damages caused during Superstorm Sandy.

The options were to close completely for 18 months or run limited service for three years. It was decided on the former option due to the thought that this would be the least inconvenient for the riders. There are roughly 225,000 riders on the L every day. 77% of the riders preferred the 18-month shutdown over the longer three year fix.

Now What?

The MTA has a few, yet to be finalized, plans in the works to help alleviate the new commute for tens of thousands of people everyday to and from Brooklyn.

These plans include extra subway cars to the G Train and adding new bus and ferry service.

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