A Weekend in Montreal: Do's and Don'ts {15 Photos}

A Weekend in Montreal: Do's and Don'ts {15 Photos}

Posted in Travel on July 28, 2016

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I recently crossed the border to the north to enjoy a buddy's bachelor party. Take advantage of the fact that the U.S. dollar is stronger than the Canadian dollar, and you're sure to have yourself an awesome weekend. Here are your do's and don'ts for making the most out of a weekend trip to Montreal!

Do Stay in the Suite

Having room to coordinate/pregame/etc. is key. We stayed at Le Centre Sheraton Montreal, and we were not disappointed.

Do Drink Local

Leave the Bud Light at home, it's time to drink Canadian. Both Labatt and Molson are very popular, and they go down just as easy as Bud/Coors/Miller.

Don't Forget to Eat

You're in Canada, so you gotta eat some crepes and poutine (poutine not pictured due to the fact we had had a few beverages before ordering and the deliciousness was gone before I could even grab my camera...)

There are lots of outdoor dining options to enjoy.

Do Get Bottle Service at the Club

Bottle service at Club Muzique was definitely the way to go. A booth to relax at as home base for the crew was clutch.

Don't Stay at Just 1 Bar

Be sure to bar hop. There are tons of awesome spots you'll miss out on if you commit to staying at only 1 bar.

Don't Ignore the History of the City

Windsor Station formerly served Montreal as the city's Canadian Pacific Railway Station.

Check out the architecture on the Marie Reine du Monde, which is a Catholic basilica.

Do Hit the Links

Getting on the course is a must. We played Golf Club De L'Ile De Montreal, and it was one of the nicest courses any of us had ever been on. Also be sure to use the multitude of Montreal snap filters when making your friends back home jealous.

Don't Mess Around at the Border

The border is no joke, but if you answer questions honestly you'll be on your way rather quickly.

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