Manayunk's Main Street: Restaurant Scene Update

Manayunk's Main Street: Restaurant Scene Update

Posted in Eats on August 24, 2016

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Recently, Michael Klein from put out an update on all the recent happenings within Manayunk.

We are sure you all have a nice idea of the current events, but in case you missed something, here is the scoop:

  • Chabaa Thai Bistro has now been re-opened at the corner of Grape Street and Main. (Remember, it's BYOB!)
  • Jake's and Cooper's has been closed since mid-July due to a water main break beneath their sidewalk. Owner Bruce Cooper plans to be open once again come Fall.
  • As mentioned earlier this month, Gigi Italian Bistro (BYOB) is open and already receiving very solid feedback from people all over town.

Klein also talks to the few stagnant and vacant spaces around Manayunk:

"Meanwhile, the smoker has been long idled at Rubb BBQ (4311 Main); a new tenant is waiting in the wings. But not to serve wings. ... Same for the shuttered Derek's (4411 Main). ...The owner of Breakin' Bread Bakery (4351 Main) decided to baguette about a month ago. ... A Manayunk branch of Northern Liberties' El Camino Real (set for the old Hikaru at 4348 Main) is still on the books, though there is no timeline for its opening."