6 {Fall Cocktails} in Williamsburg You Must Try

6 {Fall Cocktails} in Williamsburg You Must Try

Posted in Drinks on October 05, 2016

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A new season means new cocktails! Check out 6 of our favorites so far this Fall in Williamsburg:


The Brooklyn Sailing Club: mezcal, fernet, pineapple, maple, sage, habanero shrub.

The Camlin

The Foggy Orchard: apple-cinnamon vodka, coconut juice, & creme de cacao.

Fresh Kills Bar

Enzoni: a citrusy variation of the classic Negroni


The Cold Wedge: a refreshing cocktail for those Fall temps that still feel like Summer.

Post Office

Hot Apple Cider: You can get yours "plain or spiked, as you like." With temps dropping, sometimes you just need a hot cocktail!

Skinny Dennis

The Country Pumpkin: "Full of rockin rye, pumpkin, cinnamon deliciousness."

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