Have A Night...Out in Jersey City

Have A Night...Out in Jersey City

Posted in Drinks on October 07, 2016

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This month's edition of "Have A Night Out in Jersey City" features a drink and food adventure throughout Jersey City. We got to experience some really inexpensive beer, a new joint that had just opened, and an old-fashioned bar with a rock & roll vibe.

Happy Hour

For our first stop of the night, we wanted to go somewhere that had an affordable happy hour with cheap drinks so that we could save money for the rest of the night, We ended up going to Lucky 7 Tavern; I personally love this place – solid, eclectic music with all sorts of flyers plastered to the walls. This was a great choice for listening to music and catching up with friends before walking down the street (in the rain) to our next stop of the night.

**2 beers = $7 (including tip)


Our choice for dinner was Cellar 335 and it was only a 5-minute walk down the street from Lucky 7. I have been dying to try out Cellar 335 since its recent opening about 2 months ago. This place is not your typical hole-in-the-wall; on the contrary, when we walked in, we were in awe of the great interior and the friendly staff. We shared a lot of laughs with the maître d' over a very unusual contraption used for umbrellas; four of us could not figure out how to use it. (We eventually gave up and just threw all of our umbrellas into a bucket by the door.) Relieved to have solved our umbrella issues, we sat down at our table and began to take in the Asian-American fusion cuisine and tiki-inspired cocktails on the menu.

Our waiter Shawn was awesome; he was very informative and gave great suggestions on what to order and what to pass on. We started the meal with a "large format" punch bowl called Pele's Awa, which arrives with a flame, it featured mescal and grapefruit, was delicious, and we probably finished it in about 5 minutes. Throughout the night we ordered additional cocktails and all of them were amazing and delivered in beautiful cups. One of my favorites was a drink my friend and I ordered called a "Smoldering Bastard" - it had rye, Bacardi rum, ginger, passion fruit, & lime. .....It was strong and delicious!

Now that we got the cocktails out of the way, lets talk about the food. We shared a total of 9 plates. Some were small others were large, but all were extremely delicious, and it is very hard to pick a favorite. The 2 dishes we liked most were the Korean Chicken Wings and the Crispy Duroc Ribs, both dishes had us licking our fingers! The wings were crunchy and moist and the spicy maple chipotle glaze on the wings was out of this world and cooked perfectly. We all loved them so much, that we took turns taking bites from the extra 5th wing.

Next up were the ribs, and these ribs were fall-off-the-bone tender. Our waiter, Shawn, thinks Cellar 335 is going to become famous for their ribs, I'm thinking he is exactly right! They were covered in an amazing tamarind BBQ sauce with coconut and chives sprinkled on top. These ribs had just the right amount of sweetness.

We arrived at Cellar 335 at around 7pm on a Friday, and it had a nice sized crowd, but not overly busy, by the time we left (9:30ish) this place was packed and they were making room for a DJ to play. We are eager to come back when they open up the music venue upstairs, especially since they have apparently already booked about 200 shows, one of the bands being Chvrches. You know I'll be back for a tiki cocktail and some live music!

**8 cocktails + 1 large format cocktail + 9 shared plates + 1 shared dessert = $67 per person (including tip)


Two of my friends that I was with had never been to Pet Shop so we made this our next stop. It doesn't matter if you've never been there or have been there 20 times already, because this place is great and it was pretty busy at 9:30pm. What I love about Pet Shop is the cozy neighborhood bar type of feeling. I ordered one of their house classic cocktails "Smokin Mirrors". It's a great value because it's strong (mezcal, Art of Sage, pineapple, and agave) and it's served in a very large glass – you're absolutely getting your money's worth. After I finished that, I moved onto a craft beer –of which there are over 20 options! I have been to Pet Shop many times already for cocktails and beer, but I am still interested in going back to try their vegetarian menu – possibly another night out soon in JC!

**1 craft beer + 1 specialty cocktail = $20 (including tip)

Written by Carly Nemeth

Carly gets really excited over the little things in life, and even more excited about trying out a new bars and restaurants, tasting a new cocktail, or eating a delicious raw oyster. She totally enjoys cooking, bourbon, and flowers....in that order. Since she has spent much time throughout her life in and around NYC as well as moving to Hoboken in 2011, she has retained an abundant amount of knowledge about where to go and what to see in the area, so much so, that friends and acquaintances frequently use her as a source for great tips. When Carly isn't designing something in Photoshop or creating something; she is mostly likely dragging her friends out and about to try new places that have peaked her interest. Do you want to join our next adventure? Message me on Instagram @carlyaugust !!