2016 Election Day Drinking Game

2016 Election Day Drinking Game

Posted in Drinks on November 08, 2016

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This election cycle has been one of the most divisive in recent memory, but there is one thing everyone agrees one: we're going to need a drink or four to get us through election day. Luckily, we are here for you and have put together this drinking game to try to ease the pain. So plop down on your couch with a few cold ones, turn on your favorite news station and get drinkin'!

  • 1 drink every time a candidate's name is said
  • 1 drink every time the word "email" is mentioned
  • 1 drink if James Comey's name is mentioned
  • 1 drink every time someone refers to Trump tweeting
  • 1 drink whenever the term "exit poll" is used
  • 1 drink if the "wall" or "Mexico" is mentioned
  • 1 drink for the terms "working class" or "middle class"
  • 1 drink when the term "swing state" is used
  • 1 drink if a clip of Trump is shown where he uses the words "huge" or "tremendous"
  • 2 drinks when a winner is announced for each state (3 if the candidate you voted for won the state)
  • Chug your beer if your candidate wins the election

Most importantly, make sure you don't start playing the game until AFTER you vote.

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