Former Cafe Moto {Reopens} With New Theme

Former Cafe Moto {Reopens} With New Theme

Posted in Eats on November 09, 2016

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As reported by Gothamist, Cafe Moto has been reborn as Bar Velo. After 14 years, owner John McCormick closed the doors of Cafe Moto on July 30th, promising a retool of the design and menu.

He came back with Bar Velo, a bicycle-themed spot with an all-vegetarian menu that opened on Monday (November 7th) in the same space (394 Broadway). The theme is shared plates, like the warm flatbread and dip pictured below.

In the Spring, Bar Velo plans to offer "Velo-To-Go," selling grocery items such as bread, fruit, and flowers, as well as cycling gear. Bar Velo will still have live music in a casual setting, as Cafe Moto did as well.

The cocktail list features simple drinks made from quality ingredients (numbered 1-5). You can check out more info on the bar (including the cocktail list) here!

Head over and check out the new spot, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments on our Instagram @haveanight_wb - cheers!

All images via Paul Quitoriano/Gothamist