18 JC Restaurants to Participate in {Hudson Restaurant Week}

18 JC Restaurants to Participate in {Hudson Restaurant Week}

Posted in Eats on January 13, 2017

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The 2017 winter edition of Hudson Restaurant Week is only 10 days away! This year, HRW will begin on Monday, January 23rd and run until Friday, February 3rd. Jersey City will feature 18 restaurants to choose from, including 2 newcomers to the HRW scene. Some restaurants will feature prix fixe options for both lunch and dinner, while others will have only dinner menus. Hudson Restaurant Week is a great opportunity to cross those places you've been meaning to get to off of your list. So grab some friends and check out some of finest eats JC has to offer at a reduced price!

This year's 18 participants:

  • Amelia's Bistro
  • Battello
  • Bistro La Source
  • Edward's Steakhouse
  • Fire & Oak
  • GP's Hamilton Park
  • Greene Hook
  • Hamilton Inn
  • Hamilton Pork
  • The Hutton*
  • Kitchen Step
  • Laico's
  • Liberty House
  • Liberty Prime Steakhouse
  • Light Horse Tavern
  • Raval
  • Satis Bistro
  • South House*

* = new for 2017

You can check out the complete listing here along with more information including menus and prices. Which spot are you most looking forward to checking out? Let us know in the comments on Instagram @haveanight_jc!

Cover image via Hudson Restaurant Week