The Do’s and Don’ts of {Jersey City Wine Fest}

The Do’s and Don’ts of {Jersey City Wine Fest}

Posted in Drinks on January 19, 2017

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In case you missed it here, mark your calendars, because this is not a drill! Jersey City is having its very own Wine Festival!

Organized by the same team that brought you the Harborside Craft Brew Fest, Jersey City Wine Fest will feature over 150 types of wine, live entertainment, and food vendors from all over New Jersey. If you think that's awesome, we also have a discount code to help you save!

Enter promo code: HAN when you purchase your tickets to save $25 on VIP tickets (General Admission tickets are SOLD OUT)!

Join the over 2,000 confirmed attendees on January 28th at the Harborside Atrium and Waterfront Esplanade for an event filled with the best wines from local wineries, distributors, and establishments. The event will feature live music, a photo booth, and delectable bites from known eateries including Angry Crab, By Suzette Crepes, Cow and the Curd, Glazed and Confused, Paragon Tap & Table and Milk Sugar Love.

Throughout the night, the event's partners Mana Wine and Cool Vines will be hosting tasting seminars and presentations focusing on different types of wine for each 30-minute session. Starting at 6:15pm, seasoned sommeliers will walk guests through the best variations from all over the world.

The event is nearly sold out and expected to be even bigger than it's predecessor, the Craft Brew Fest. Before getting ready to sip your way through wine after delectable wine, check out our list of Do's and Don'ts to make this your very best wine tasting experience!


Buy Your Ticket ASAP

All General Admission tickets are already sold out, but there are still two tiers of tickets left: The Designated Driver and the VIP. With only 20 VIP tickets left, you need to buy your ticket, like yesterday.

All attendees will be given a wristband while VIP and General Admission ticket holders will also receive a souvenir wine glass to sip wine from all day. VIP attendees gain access an hour early to tastings and appetizers from celebrity chef and food network champion Eric Levine.

Plan Ahead

While you don't want to rain on the excitement with a stringent schedule, you will want to plan ahead for which tastings you want to attend. Each presentation only has 50 seats available. With over 2,000 anticipated attendees, you're looking at a 1 in 40 chance that you'll be able to grab a seat. While the rush hour commute has made us all seasoned champions at snagging that last coveted seat, it's better to be ready for the tastings you're interested in than to risk missing out.

Bring Cash

Starting off with the $3 coat check, you're going to need cash. Most vendors will accept credit card, but there are some that will be strictly bills. While there will be an ATM on site, there's probably going to be a huge line. Always best to be prepared.

Make Sure Your Phone is Charged

In the crowded atrium, you're not going to want to leave your phone anywhere to charge. Between food, drinks, tastings and those pesky bathroom lines, you will need your phone to find your friends. While there may be a charging station (TBD), it's best to play it safe and come at a full 100% to make sure you can get all the wine-selfies possible.

Keep Hydrated

You may be tempted to to skip the H2O to avoid the long bathroom lines, but you absolutely need to hydrate while tasting over 150 wines. Aside from just clearing the palate between Rosés and Chardonnays, drinking water helps prevent headaches and premature drunkenness. All food vendors will have non-alcoholic beverages available for purchase. Don't worry; there will be 10 port-a-potties on site to alleviate the demand for the bathroom.

Take Photos of Wine Bottles

Events like this are perfect for discovering your next favorite wine. However, by your fifth tasting all the names will start to blend together. Was it a Cabernet Noir? Or maybe a Pinot Franc? Is that a thing? (No. No it's not). Take photos of the wine bottle for each wine that you taste that you'd like to purchase later on. By the end of the night you may not remember why you have all those photos, but give it a day and you'll thank yourself when you get that delicious wine you barely remember tasting!


Forget Your ID

It's one of those no brainers, but you'd be surprised at how many people end up at the entrance to drinking events wishing they had double checked their pockets before leaving.

Drink On An Empty Stomach

There will be some of the most delicious local eateries represented at the festival, but it's good to make sure you eat something before you head in. There may be long lines, or maybe you'll want to hit the booze first. Have a quick bite before you arrive to make sure you stomach is prepared for all the wine it's about to absorb.

Wear Uncomfortable Shoes

Though you will be wanting to look your best in all the #RoséAllDay photos you and the squad snap, you don't want to be stumbling around in heels for the 4 hours after the photos are taken. Play it safe with a comfy set of flats and a statement necklace to dress up your look.

Show Up Without An Exit Strategy

Aside from providing an amazing experience for attendees, the team behind the event wants to make sure that everyone will get home safely. Make sure you have a plan to get home, and please, make sure every member of your squad gets home safely. There is a low-price ticket for designated drivers, public transit galore, and if that wasn't enough, they have partnered with Lyft. New users to the app will get $50 in free rides through the festival. Note: there is no re-entry once you leave.

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