Have A Weekend: Park City, Utah

Have A Weekend: Park City, Utah

Posted in Travel on February 23, 2017

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My one concern outside of being out of shape to ski was the 3.2% ABV beer rumors swirling around. It turns out the rumors are true...sort of. The facts are all draft beer must be on or close to 3.2% ABV, but bottled beer is fair game. Yes, that means that you can still get your Lagunitas Little Sumpin' Sumpin' Ale with 7.5% ABV. On the liquor side, they are very strict with the metered 1.5oz pour in any drink. To get around this, order a "sidecar" which is another shot outside of your drink that you can then pour in that drink. Formalities, amiright?

Now that that's out of the way, plan your trip to Park City as soon as possible. Whether you're going this weekend or planning some spring skiing in the future, you won't be disappointed. Park City is just a 30 minute drive from Salt Lake City, so you can be on the mountain after landing at SLC faster than cooking a Hot Pocket in the oven.


There's a 99% chance that everyone traveling to Park City is going to ski and/or snowboard. They claim they have "The Greatest Snow on Earth," but even if you're not completely sold, you can't deny the incredible conditions Park City boasts. Canyons is an adjacent mountain that is connected to Park City via gondola. Both mountains have their own unique feel and both are excellent destinations. Highly suggest trying both.

Don't forget to celebrate a great day on the slopes with Margaritas and Mexican grub at Baja Cantina at the base of Park City.

Olympic Park

During the 2002 Winter Olympics, this place was the location of the bobsled, luge, skeleton, and Nordic ski jumping events. You'll see the jumps still in use during the Summer months while jumpers land in pools. In the winter, there are ski schools for future Olympians in the development programs. How bad to you feel for growing up only playing soccer?

Another badass feature of Olympic Park is the Alf Engen Ski Museum. My favorite part was the uniform display from different decades that seemed more like a showroom for Tipsy Elves outfits. There is also a museum for the 2002 Winter Olympics with artifacts from signed luge helmets to medal winning hockey sticks.

If you need grub and drinks after Olympic Park, head across the street to the Newpark Town Center. Red Rock Junction Brewpub is a can't miss spot along with Maxwell's, an east coast eatery with solid pizza that will remind you of The Big Apple.

Downtown Park City

From amazing views, awesome bars, and all kinds of restaurants to tickle your fancy, downtown Park City has everything anyone can ever need...even a Banksy spotting!


No Name Saloon

This place is the spot you need to hit first. If you don't, you'll never get in. Between both floors and the heated roof deck, No Name Saloon can fit more than a few people inside. This doesn't stop the fact that starting around 11pm there will be 100+ people in line. Granted, this was during Sundance, but the locals explain it's somewhere you need to go early any weekend.


If you want live music, you head to Flanagan's. Make your way downstairs to the "Historic Underground Tavern" to the bar and listen to some of the local sounds at this rockin' Irish Pub.

Bistro 412

Another spot for live music, but this time you head upstairs for a cozy environment.


There's something about places that serve peanuts and encourage you to throw the shells on the ground. Easily my favorite part about O'Shucks, with a close second being their chalices of beer (same glass the peanuts are in above). Don't be afraid to sit outside on the patio to people watch as well.

Wasatch Brew Pub

Mountain towns and brew pubs go together like peanut butter and jelly. Wasatch has a killer local vibe and some solid beers at that. The brew pub also serves up a delicious menu of things you would most definitely crave while slugging beers like Loaded Mac & Cheese or a house spiced buffalo burger.


This was a happy accident that we showed up in Park City during Sundance. Locals tend to head out of town to get away from the madness (read: take advantage of putting their place on AirBnB for $1000s), but for those that stay it's still a great time. Park City is great with free public buses, so it's super simple to get around from venue to venue for your parties and theater showings.


Take a break from the slopes to get in another action sport. From free riding around a huge field for 20 minutes as we saw fit to incredible lookout views, a snowmobile tour is a must in this area. I saw myself tipping flash before my eyes a few times, but luckily gravity was on my side that day.

Written by Adam Smith

Adam tends to eat when he is full, give really great high fives, and pretend to know how to shake his hips on any dance floor.