Pizza Friday! 5 Best Spots for a Slice {or Pie} in JC

Pizza Friday! 5 Best Spots for a Slice {or Pie} in JC

Posted in Eats on March 24, 2017

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New Jersey is home to many of our favorite foods and culinary-related things: bagels, diners, fat sandwiches, and Wawa, but nothing stands out more than a cheesy slice of pizza. Many people think New York is where you'll find the best slice, but I'm here to plead the case for New Jersey, specifically Jersey City. Just one or two stops out of Manhattan, you'll find some of the Garden State's best pizzerias.

I like to think I've become a pizza snob over the years. It's something I seek out no matter what city I'm in, therefore I've definitely eaten way more than a healthy amount. That being said, here are five local JC pizzerias that have a slice of my heart.


Having tried hundreds of pizzas, I still always compare each one to Razza. This artisanal pizzeria has a curated menu of ten different pizzas, which rotate based on seasonal ingredients. Their wood-fired oven is really what takes the cake; it makes the crust light, airy, perfectly charred at the bottom, and it's the one to beat in my book. The toppings are light and flavorful and you won't leave uncomfortably stuffed. My personal favorites are the Project Hazelnut and the Panna. 275 Grove Street


A staple for the downtown Jersey City community, Porta is known not just for their rooftop bar, vibrant nightlife, and live music, but also for cranking out one delicious pizza after another. Their menu offers a variety of options for vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores, however no substitutions are allowed. The crust on their Neapolitan pies is light and chewy, the sauce is evenly spread, and the toppings are all equally delicious. 135 Newark Ave

Roman Nose

The pastabilities are endless at Roman Nose, which is why their pizza needs a moment to shine, too. Each of their 10 pies has such a unique flavor profile that you'll want to come back and try them all (start with the Zucca – it won't disappoint!). One bite into their crispy crust covered in homemade mozzarella and you'll be hooked. All of their pizzas come in small or large, but any pie can be personal if you put your mind to it (and you certainly won't want to share theirs!).

Two Boots

I try to support local businesses as much as possible, but Two Boots is just too good not to throw on this list. It may be a franchise, but they're doing so many things right from offering a gluten-free crust to the crumbly cornmeal on the bottom. The crust is crispy and your pizza doesn't droop when you fold it in half (like a true Jerseyan). With such a wide variety of toppings, there's a little something for everyone. They also receive bonus points for being open the latest. 133 Newark Ave


Many of the gourmet pizza joints around town don't allow topping substitutions, which is where Rustique comes in – for the picky eater. You can choose from one of their 16 varieties or create your own from a list of toppings. The crust is a little more on the chewy side, but their phenomenal sauce spread on plentifully makes up for it (I opt for light on the sauce just for slice-folding purposes). Rustique is also the best bang for your buck with all of their personal pies coming in at under $15. 611 Jersey Ave

Written by Sasha Kleinman

Born and raised in NJ, Sasha is a recent transplant to Jersey City and has become obsessed with everything the city has to offer. Sasha is a fashion copywriter by day, and die-hard Jane Do enthusiast and (vegetarian) foodie by night. When she's not stuffing her face at one of Chilltown's amazing restaurants, having a couple brewskis at the local brewery Departed Soles, or snuggling with your dog, Sasha is busy traveling the globe with camera (and fork) in hand. Follow her wide array of adventures @sksashafierce and @the_hungry_growlers!

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