That's Amore: International Pizza Expo 2017 {Photos}

That's Amore: International Pizza Expo 2017 {Photos}

Posted in Eats on May 04, 2017

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Another amazing expo this year! The International Pizza Expo is a force to be messed with when you want to be full of the most amazing ingredients on the planet. Cheese, meats, dough, and so much more filled the expo floor with anything and everything a pizza operator would need for their successful business.

From intriguing vendors to entertaining pizza competitions to out-of-box (no pun intended) off-site activities, The International Pizza Expo made our few days there more than worth while.

Below are some photos showcasing our experiences:

This one speaks for itself.

They come far and wide for a chance to win this bad boy.

So many categories, so many unbelievable creations.

Spectators waiting to try the PB&J (!) Pizza.

More live action pizza creating.

Who wouldn't want a custom Pizza Expo oven?

Written by Adam Smith

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