6 of Jersey City's {Most Unique Treats}

6 of Jersey City's {Most Unique Treats}

Posted in Eats on May 02, 2017

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Instead of getting actually wasted, why not get "chocolate wasted" or a nice sugar high going? It's just as unhealthy, and a sugar hangover is not as bad as an actual hangover. When you've got a sweet tooth, there are many unique treat spots around town to satisfy your craving.

Hey Jersey City, what's your flavor?

Dulce De Leche Bakery

Mine is caramel. If it's your favorite too you have to hit up Dulce De Leche Bakery in the Heights. When you walk in, it's an instant dessert overload; plus coffee, sandwiches and typical café foods. Definitely order a caramel filled pastry, I mean hello, it's in the name and it's their specialty. Plus a lot of their desserts contain caramel. They even have churros filled with caramel. What's pictured above is called a Cañoncito, a caramel filled puff-pastry. Crispy, powdery, and caramel-y make the perfect trio. 376 Central Ave.

Bucket & Bay Craft Gelato Co

If you're in the mood for a stiff (but sweet) one, the whiskey infused gelato at Bucket and Bay is for you. Now, it's absolutely nothing like taking a shot of whiskey. The taste of the liquor mixes well with the sweet notes of vanilla ice cream, just like a chaser! Yes they use real whiskey, and no it is not enough to get a buzz. Bucket & Bay is an industrial cafe with a super friendly staff and plenty of quirky outside seating. And they accept, no prefer, credit card payments. Points! 150 Bay St.

Torico Ice Cream

Oh, the avocado, the fruit of many dishes. Yes, it is a fruit, well technically a berry. Avocado taste good in everything…including ice cream. You can get this fresh flavor at Torico. Looking for other unique flavors to try? Ube, a sweet purple yam, is always a good choice, or Mamey, a tropical fruit you've probably never heard of, but definitely should try. If these don't sound appealing you can choose from the total of their 65 flavors. 20 Erie St.

Freshy Freeze

Since I'm on an ice cream roll (see what I did there?) Freshy Freeze's Thai ice cream is a must. If you're not going to do it for the gram, at least do it for your taste buds. You get to watch them roll the ice cream on a plate that is -35 degrees, so it's like dessert and a show. Oh, and did I mention you get unlimited toppings? Let me just reiterate that, unlimited - toppings for $6. Fro-yo will soon be a thing of the past. Be prepared to wait though, because this tiny hole-in-the-wall gets poppin'. 512B Jersey Ave.

Milk Sugar Love

Are you a Matcha man (or woman)? If so, you definitely need the Matcha brownie at Milk Sugar Love in your life. Perfectly moist and packed with green tea flavor. Life Hack: pair the brownie with the Lavender Honey ice cream, and you can thank me later. All the ice cream is organic and orgasmic-ly good! They switch up the flavors often, so it's always surprise…not to mention they have giant fruity pebble macaron ice cream sandwiches. Milk Sugar Love is a very tiny sweets shop, and more of a grab-and-go than a hangout spot. So, you'll just have to enjoy your treats while taking a stroll through Hamilton Park, which is right across the street. 19 McWilliams Place.

Cocoa Bakery

Goodness gracious great balls of...cake! Who likes their desserts in traditional shapes anymore? Not Cocoa Bakery! Their cake balls come in many flavors and they're always changing them up. I tried the Strawberry Vanilla and the Oreo flavor, which were awesome, but I bet the Red Velvet is even better. These balls are a mouth full delight and they are just the right portion when you're craving a little something sweet. At $2.95 a ball you can't go wrong! 275 Grand St.

Written by Kaitlyn De Leonardis

Jersey City born, Kait loves how the city has flourished since her childhood, and the fact that she can now enjoy it as an adult. From 9 to 5 you can catch her managing and marketing storage bin pick up & delivery service StorageBlue Now. Her hobbies include brunch, shopping, and Instagram. What like those aren't hobbies? Follow her outfits and antics @outfittedand_about!