10 Photo First Look: Red {Raval's New Basement Lounge}

10 Photo First Look: Red {Raval's New Basement Lounge}

Posted in Drinks on May 02, 2017

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We were psyched to get a sneak peek at Raval's brand new basement lounge, Red prior to their Grand Opening.

Red will officially open on Friday, May 5th at 9pm. Walk towards the back of Raval and you will see the staircase entrance on the left as you get to the bar.

What you need to know:

  • Open Friday & Saturday from 9pm - 3am.
  • Live Music and DJ
  • Speakeasy Vibe

Artwork sets the tone as you walk downstairs.

A unique setup with a view of the wine cellar.

Bottle service anyone? Available upon request!

The bar in its final stages before being ready to officially open.

How can you not be excited for Friday? May 5th will be an amazing start to a unique concept underneath Raval. Be sure to stop by and grab a drink...or three.

Written by Adam Smith

Adam loves high-fives and optimism. Put those together and you will have one hell of a hand connection. His top two life goals are to play on a blob (Heavy Weights, anyone?) and swim in a life size pool of Mac n' Cheese. When he's not thinking about such feats, he is rooting on his USC Trojans and Denver Broncos.