Williamsburg's Pod Hotel {Meeting Opposition}

Williamsburg's Pod Hotel {Meeting Opposition}

Posted in Entertainment on May 03, 2017

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The group behind the Jane Hotel is pushing to open the Pod Hotel's first Brooklyn location this July in Williamsburg at the corner of Metropolitan and Driggs avenues. The Pod would feature a modular structure entirely built in Poland and shipped to Williamsburg for assembly. Amenities would include courtyards, glass walkways, living walls, private event space, and rooms starting at $120/night. However there is one feature that has residents up in arms, and that's the 369-person rooftop bar in the proposal.

The main concern coming from the fifth-floor open-air bar is noise, but others are concerned about public intoxication, urination, and unruly behavior. There will be a hearing on May 4th held by the State Liquor Authority to review the proposal. What do you think? Let us know in the comments on Instagram @haveanight_wb

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