Suds ATM: Randolph Beer Dispensing {Beer Not Money}

Suds ATM: Randolph Beer Dispensing {Beer Not Money}

Posted in Drinks on June 21, 2017

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As reported by Bravo, Randolph Beer is now slinging beer in quite a creative way. Ever wondered why you couldn't just serve yourself at the bar? Well now you can! Randolph Beer's beer ATM is a new setup that allows patrons to "withdraw" beer from their choice of 24 taps. The beer wall at Randolph Beer features a wide selection of NYC-based brews to enjoy.

So, how does it work? You hand over your credit card, and are given a beer card, which can then be used to activate any of the tap handles by tapping it to the screen above the beer of your choice. allowing you to pour yourself a cold one. You can pour anywhere from 1-12 ounces, which means you don't have to commit to a full beer until you're absolutely sure! Have you tried it yet?

All images via @randolphbeer