5 Patio Drinking {BYOB Spots} in Jersey City

5 Patio Drinking {BYOB Spots} in Jersey City

Posted in Drinks on July 06, 2017

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Who loves the infamous invite for "dinner and drinks?" Who loves the idea of not spending $12 on a cocktail? Jersey City has some hidden gems where you are able to bring your own bottles and get perfectly schwifty on your own supply (apologies for the Rick and Morty reference - the anticipation for the new season is KILLING me). To pass the time while I wait for Rick and Morty, I've found a few of the best BYOB spots in Jersey City.

Van Hook Cheese & Grocery

The ultimate wine and cheese spot. You walk into this spot and the smell of imported cheeses instantly invades your soul. I've never been to Holland, but I imagine every home smells like the delicious Goudas they sell at Van Hook. They sell everything from the classic cheddar to truffle-infused goat cheese. Van Hook has recently opened up their outdoor seating! They offer three different meat/cheese platters, and you can bring your own wine and beer! Who doesn't enjoy the boujee experience of wine and cheese?

Pasta Dal Cuore

Right across the street from the best cheese shop in town is the ultimate place to order, eat, and take home freshly made pastas! Pasta Dal Cuore offers a variety of homemade noodles and sauces that you can pair with your own bottle (or bottles if you're feeling adventurous). The staff is extremely pleasant, providing different sized wine glasses for all occasions and the food is made to perfection. Quick tip: I recommend enjoying Collezione di Paolo Sangiovese with any of the pasta dishes served here!


Broa is a Portuguese-style tapas restaurant. Their menu changes everyday to incorporate the freshest ingredients in all of their dishes. For a healthy eater like myself, a Tapas date usually means ordering 4 or 5 dishes, and you wouldn't believe how much better everything tastes when you're bringing your own booze to the party!

John's Kitchen Cafe

It was an unusually warm day in November and I ate brunch outside at John's Kitchen Cafe drinking prosecco with a dash of orange juice, when it dawned on me just how amazing BYOB establishments are. John's Kitchen Cafe has a great location, just down the street from the PATH AND from Red Feast Wine & Liquors. If you're commuting home for the night, take the time to buy a bottle and enjoy a healthy and classic dinner just steps away from the train.

Just BeClaws

Most people assume that they'll never eat with a bib again after mastering the art of eating during their childhood; however those people would be sadly mistaken at Just BeClaws. Just BeClaws is a go-to seafood place that's BYOB. Don't let an already messy meal be spoiled with half the check being spent on alcohol, when you can bring your own!

Enjoy being economically savvy!

Written by Julie Hansen

Julie is a relatively new resident to JC, and is eager to explore, to share, to talk, to {discover}, and to have fun! She does yoga in her spare time, and loves staying active every day. Keep up with her @julieshungry!