7 {Cool Spots} to Get Your Ice Cream Fix in JC

7 {Cool Spots} to Get Your Ice Cream Fix in JC

Posted in Eats on June 22, 2017

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We've made it!! Summer is finally here. We've suffered through the cold, bitter winter and that bipolar spring. Summer has arrived, and I don't know about you, but I can't get enough ice cream in the summer. It's like a switch turns on and it won't turn off until the leaves start to change color. Here are some of Jersey City's finest ice cream shops to visit this summer.


Torico is the oldest ice cream shop on the list. Like most of the other shops on this list, they make all of their ice cream from scratch. They don't, and never have, used powders or packaged mixes. Torico has been killing the ice cream game in Jersey City for almost 50 years and if this was a ranking of ice cream shops in Jersey City, they'd probably top the list.

Bucket & Bay

If you haven't tried Bucket & Bay, stop reading this immediately and go right now. I'm serious, go! Bucket & Bay has some of the most inventive flavors of high quality gelato I've ever tried. From (not so) plain vanilla to glühwein (mulled wine) flavored gelato. They also always have a few spirit infused flavors. They mix two of the best things together: booze and gelato. Something I love about Bucket & Bay is that they partner with other local businesses. In thepast they've partnered with their neighbor Departed Soles, Choc-o-Pain and even Orale Mexican Kitchen.

Milk Sugar Love

It's possible you've seen Milk Sugar Love's giant macaron ice cream cake or their adorable fruity pebbles macarons on social media, but they have much more than that! They're an amazing ice cream shop (with a truck). The owner of Milk Sugar Love prides herself on using the highest quality organic daily and local produce, and it really shows in the final product. You can find them in Hamilton Park, around town with their ice cream cart, and on UberEats!

Freshy Freeze

Freshy Freeze specializes in rolled ice cream. It's sometimes called stir-fried ice cream because of the method used to make it. It's basically sweet milk poured onto a freezing cold steel surface and metal scrapers are used to chop up toppings (fruit, cookies, sprinkles, etc.) and scrape the liquid around until it starts to freeze. When the toppings and base are frozen, they're thinly spread, then scraped up to create rolls of ice cream. The rolls are placed in cup and topped with whatever you want. They aren't only perfect for taking pictures, they're also a really tasty treat!


Cherry-Pick is another of Jersey City's ice cream shops that uses organic and locally sourced ingredients. Cherry-Pick is great because in addition to their "super premium" ice cream, they also offer Belgian waffles, crepes, truffles, fresh squeezed juices, and smoothies. There's something for everyone at Cherry-Pick!

Downtown Yogurt

I am a true ice cream lover down to my core, so I believe it's slightly blasphemous to include a frozen yogurt shop on a list of best ice cream shops. However, Downtown Yogurt has some damn good frozen yogurt. They have a dozen flavors and dozens of toppings so your frozen yogurt is never boring. They are located downtown but they also deliver to Newport, The Waterfront, Paulus Hook and The Beacon through Yelp Eat 24, GrubHub, Seamless, and FastBoy.

Ample Hills Creamery

Also, although it's not open yet, Ample Hills is opening its newest location in Jersey City Urby. Ample Hills is known as one of New York's best ice cream shops. To name a few of Ample Hills' accolades: made "Oprah's Favorite Things" list in August 2015, rated "Best Ice Cream in America" by Food Network and named "Top Rated Ice Cream in New York City" by Zagat. So yeah, they're kind of a big deal. There doesn't seem to be a firm opening date yet, but definitely hoping it opens soon!

Written by Janet McIntyre

Janet is a Jersey City newbie but loves all that the city has to offer! She loves anything food related, and like a true millennial documents everything she eats and cooks (pics or it didn't happen)! Follow her eatventures at @jamshungry