10 Things You Can Now {Legally Enjoy} at 10am on Sundays in Raleigh

10 Things You Can Now {Legally Enjoy} at 10am on Sundays in Raleigh

Posted in Drinks on July 06, 2017

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THE BRUNCH BILL HAS PASSED THE BRUNCH BILL HAS PASSED! After Governor Cooper signed Senate Bill 155 on June 30th, it was up to local governments to approve what had come to be known as the "Brunch Bill." Well, the wait is now over for Raleigh, as the bill was approved by a 7-1 vote yesterday and will take effect for this Sunday! What does it mean for you? You can now enjoy a cold drink starting at 10am on Sundays! So whether you're Brunching or just kicking the Sunday scaries, here are 10 things you can now legally enjoy starting at 10am:

Super Bacon Mary & Mimosa Flights @ The Flying Biscuit

Bacon and Bloody Marys just go together, and The Flying Biscuit does it right with their Super Bacon Mary. Looking to start your Sunday Funday with something a bit aggressive? Grab yourself a Mimosa flight, or split it with your crew!

Bloody Mary Bar @ Clouds Brewing

Three words: Make. Your. Own.

"Raleigh's Best Bloody Mary" & Flavored Mimosas @ Jose and Sons

The Bloody Mary at Jose and Sons is no joke. It even comes with a beer chaser! Bloodys not your thing? Grab an original Mimosa or pick a different flavor to mix it up!

Booze with Your Chicken & Waffles @ Beasley's Chicken + Honey

What's better than Beasley's Chicken & Waffles? Being able to wash it down with a drink before Noon on Sundays, of course!

Brunch Cocktails Before Noon @ Humble Pie

No longer is there a need for the Noon Conch shell (although that was one of our favorite things)!

These Delicious Cocktails @ Tazza Kitchen

The cocktail game is STRONG at Tazza, and now you can enjoy them before Noon

Drinks with Your Delicious Brunch Eats @ Poole's Diner

You've probably had their mac and cheese, but have you ever enjoyed their delicious Brunch?

BONUS EVENT: The Anchor Bar

The Anchor Bar is celebrating this Sunday with an early opening at 10am for FREE Chicken & Waffles and specialty cocktails using Pinetop Distillery Gin!

Written by John Connell

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