5 {Must-Have Desserts} in Jersey City

5 {Must-Have Desserts} in Jersey City

Posted in Eats on July 11, 2017

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Forget that summer body! This is seriously the best time of year to hunt down these must-have desserts in Jersey City. It was a tough task, but Jersey City delivered with an amazing variety of choices that reflect my hometown's diversity. Here are just a handful of my favorites!

Sea Salt Chocolate Chunk from Bang Cookies

Honestly, I was super reluctant to try these cookies because I had a strong feeling I'd be ruined for life. BANG! These cookies got me! They have the perfect texture—soft and chewy on the inside and just the right amount of crisp on the outside. Just the thought gives you a cookiegasm! Enjoy free local on-demand delivery (in about 90 mins) Mon-Fri 11am to 7pm, or you can even get a subscription. Get banged ASAP! 1183 Summit Ave.

Cinnamon Bread from Second Street Bakery

It's completely appropriate to have dessert for breakfast right? This is the perfect thing to have with that last third of your morning coffee. I first had it during a craft class at Kanibal Home and even years later could remember how good it was--I knew it had to be on this must-have list. So you know good bread when you first cut into it, right? Now imagine adding a heavenly swirl of cinnamon and sugar, where some of it melts together and oozes to the surface as it bakes to create bits of glorious sweet crunches. Head to this hole-in-the-wall bakery and sandwich shop first thing at 9am to avoid a line, though it's definitely worth the wait! 402 2nd St.

Custard Cups from Neptune's Bakery & Deli

I literally cannot show up to a family party without two dozen of these custard cups. One dozen will be gone before dinner is even served. Yes, they are that good! They have a melt in your mouth custard consistency that has just the right texture, almost like a creamy flan with just the optimal amount of sweetness. Bonus: they're open 24 hours for that must-have late night munchie. 1612 Kennedy Blvd.

Churro Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich from Hamilton Pork

What is this sorcery? Oh, only one of the most magical foodie fusions in Chilltown. It's a homemade waffle that's deep fried and then tossed in cinnamon sugar with a scoop of none other than Milk Sugar Love's salted caramel ice cream. It has the taste experience of my favorite childhood cereal, Cinnamon Toast Crunch! 247 10th St.

Halo Halo from Max's Restaurant

This is a popular Filipino shaved ice dessert that's perfect for the summertime. Max's serves theirs with evaporated milk, topped with sweet beans, coconut, sago, agar jelly, jackfruit, leche flan, and ube ice cream. It's certainly a mouthful of eclectic flavors and textures! 687 Newark Ave.

Written by Stephanie Sumulong

Jersey City born and raised, Steph loves that Chilltown is finally flourishing with new small businesses, restaurants, and bars opening at an incredible pace. She has a passion for photography, international food, and live music. One of Steph's shining moments was winning a Gothamist foodie photo contest for a seat as a citizen judge at the 2015 Street Food Vendy Awards. Come discover her latest explorations on Instagram @stephsumu or scroll thru her visual journal seesteph.com!