5 {Basement Spots} to Escape the Summer Heat in JC

5 {Basement Spots} to Escape the Summer Heat in JC

Posted in Drinks on July 18, 2017

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As the summer gets hotter, I've been finding it more and more important to find places to cool down. I've discovered a few great locations that will help to keep you cool in the underground world of Jersey City - and no, I don't recommend hanging out in the PATH's subway tunnels!

Miss Wong's @ Talde

Located in the basement underneath Talde, if you're looking for an awesome place to dance, look no farther than Erie St. The entrance is located between the bars on the main floor, and the basement provides a secretive, and exciting "speakeasy" sort of vibe that is unique to Jersey City. Miss Wong's also attracts the hottest DJs in the area to play awesome sets to really get the dance floor going on the weekends!

The Underground

Located underneath The Bistro at Grove Square, this location is great for dancing! I went on a Saturday night and the crowd was more intimate, but the music was fantastic. A drummer provided new and funky beats to classic hip hop songs while the lights reverberated red and blue. The dance floor was spacious and there are multiple tables for relaxing with your cocktail.

PS Wine Bar

The basement at Pet Shop is home to a great assortment of organic wines. They even offer "beer for wine people" which is definitely worth a taste. The dark, wine cellar ambiance keeps the area chill and the conversation conspicuous. Food is served, but Pet Shop's Happy Hour deals do not apply FYI.

The Monk Room @ Porta

If you're looking for the high energy that Porta provides while getting a little more privacy for your events, the Monk Room in the basement at Porta is the place to be. There are still family tables but the area is smaller making it great for party gatherings as you can take over the room! There is also live music offered on many nights for you to enjoy!

Rec Room at South House

*Warning* this spot is definitely not the place to keep cool, unless you're ok with being around an awesome crowd of people and being a total BOSS at pool, foosball, and shuffle board! Every time I've been down to the Rec Room there's always a bit of a wait to get on one of the gaming tables, but it's an awesome way to meet new people, play against them, and share some great drinks!

Written by Julie Hansen

Julie is a relatively new resident to JC, and is eager to explore, to share, to talk, to {discover}, and to have fun! She does yoga in her spare time, and loves staying active every day. Keep up with her @julieshungry!