5 {Oh So Craveable} Mac and Cheeses in JC

5 {Oh So Craveable} Mac and Cheeses in JC

Posted in Eats on July 28, 2017

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This is an ode to America's favorite side dish: mac and cheese. The ooey, gooey delight has a special place in this foodie's heart, as I'm sure it does in all of yours. While I feel like we all have a little nostalgia for the unnaturally yellow Kraft Mac and Cheese our parents used to serve us as kids, we've grown up and so has our childhood favorite. These days, it seems like every chef in town has their own take on the cheesy dish, so I've rounded up the best. Your refined palate will thank me.

Park & Sixth

All you need is one bite of Park & Sixth's "Norris Johnson's Mac-N-Cheese" to fall instantly in love. If a crispy truffled panko surface, five cheeses, and shallot thyme b├ęchamel aren't enough, there's also a hint of smokiness that really sets this version apart from the pack.

White Star Bar

How do you make a delicious bowl of mac even better? Add bacon, of course (although you can order it without the meat). Come to White Star Bar for some of the best burgers in Jersey City, and leave in love with the mac and cheese, served fresh in a hot cast iron pan.

South House

As a Southern restaurant, you know South House has to have one of the best mac and cheeses. Crusted with panko and oozing with cheese, it's the perfect accompaniment to one of their po'boys or signature Texas Frito Pie. Pictured: Take-out order.


LITM's mac and cheese is the most unique and the most customizable. Available in two sizes, the plate consists of Vermont cheddar goodness with a dash of truffle oil. If you're feeling so inclined, you can add veggies, bacon, chorizo, chicken, steak, shrimp, and even fried tofu to this already tasty masterpiece. Pictured: Take-out order.

Left Bank Burger Bar

While the downtown burger joint doesn't exactly have the beloved cheesy dish, they've one-upped it by making it into a ball and frying it. Yes, Left Bank's claim to mac and cheese fame is their fried pops, served with a side of ranch. They're the perfect crispy cheesy bite.

Written by Sasha Kleinman

Born and raised in NJ, Sasha is a recent transplant to Jersey City and has become obsessed with everything the city has to offer. Sasha is a fashion copywriter by day, and die-hard Jane Do enthusiast and (vegetarian) foodie by night. When she's not stuffing her face at one of Chilltown's amazing restaurants, having a couple brewskis at the local brewery Departed Soles, or snuggling with your dog, Sasha is busy traveling the globe with camera (and fork) in hand. Follow her wide array of adventures @sksashafierce and @the_hungry_growlers!