10 {Must-Try Dinner Spots} In Downtown Jersey City

10 {Must-Try Dinner Spots} In Downtown Jersey City

Posted in Eats on August 03, 2017

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Getting together with friends, co-workers, classmates or family? Downtown Jersey City is being called the state's hottest restaurant city for good reason. We put together a guide of the best places (and dishes!) to do a full meal and hang/catch up/order really good food in a classy yet comfortable environment. Read below for more, make sure you get all the way down to #9 to discover our fave pizza in town!

Taqueria Downtown

Taqueria is by far the best Mexican restaurant in Jersey City, and may be one of my favorites ever. You can't beat how quick the food arrives (delivery or sit down) and it's always hot, fresh, and delightful. And you have to love a Mexican spot that serves tamales every day of the week!

You have to try:

  • Chilaquiles
  • Carnitas tacos
  • If you're feeling adventurous don't look up their meaning and try the lengua and buche tacos!
  • Pozole soup (Amazing if you're hungover)


Razza was the first restaurant I ever heard of in Jersey City. My friend raved about the food, but all I was thinking was "$5 for bread and butter? Yeah right." Do not be like me and sleep on Razza's bread and butter just because it's not complimentary. It's worth it! In addition to world changing bread and butter, Razza has some spectacular pizza and apps.

You have to try:

  • Bread and butter (A MUST)
  • Kale caesar
  • Di Natale Pizza (Raisins on pizza sounds weird, but it just works)

Mathew's Food & Drink

Mathew's is a relatively new restaurant that serves elevated American fare and inventive cocktails. If you don't go for the food, you absolutely have to go for the drinks! They all have punny names like "Peas & Thank You" or "A Drink To Chai For" and you'll be wowed by the depth of flavor in each one.

You have to try:

  • Sweet corn fritters
  • Their specials (I've gotten one of their specials every time I've been, and I've never been disappointed)
  • 80's Glam cocktail (How could you pass up edible glitter?)
  • Cool Rummings (An island-y take on an old fashioned)

Skinner's Loft

Skinner's Loft is the kind of place you take people you want to impress. The food is delicious, and while it's a little more pricey than some other places Downtown, it's definitely worth it.

You have to try:

  • Steak & egg tostada, if you're visiting for brunch (pictured above)
  • Lobster corn fritters
  • Mac & cheese


Acclaimed chef Dale Tale is the proprietor of this self-named Asian fusion eatery. Talde is just one of his many ventures as a restaurateur, and it does not disappoint. After you have dinner, you can dance the night away in the underground speakeasy Miss Wong's.

You have to try:

  • Edamame falafel bao (pictured above)
  • Shrimp shumai
  • Beef short rib kare kare
  • Hangar steak

The Kitchen Step

The Kitchen Step is an amazing sun-drenched restaurant that serves elegant modern American fare. They have a good amount of outdoor dining space, so it's perfect for a warm night or nice day. Definitely a great place to take JC newbies or a first date.

You have to try:

  • Ricotta Gnocchi
  • The fried chicken (it's de-boned so don't worry about eating it on a first date ;) )
  • Kale caesar salad (Maybe the best kale caesar you will ever eat)

Ani Ramen

Ani Ramen is one of the newest spots on this list. This is the second Ani location, the first being in Montclair and they have a reputation for almost always having a line out the door. The Jersey City location is living up to that reputation, with limited seating and finger licking good plates.

You have to try:

  • Chicken wings two ways
  • Charred edamame (You'll never want steamed edamame again)
  • Crispy shrimp buns
  • No. 6 ani ramen + egg

Latham House

Another relatively new (and family-owned) restaurant gaining popularity for their elevated American comfort food. They have a great space, that fills up quickly around dinner time.

You have to try:

  • Chicken Pot Pie (pictured above, amazingly comforting with beautiful presentation)
  • Get Your Greek On Salad
  • Herb Gnocchi with Duck Confit


Porta will always have a spot on any must-try list for Jersey City. It's such a fun restaurant to bring newbies, and the food is amazing. What more could you ask for? They serve pizza, pasta, appetizers, and have a spectacular rooftop for when the weather is nice.

You have to try:

  • 14 ½ pizza (If you like things spicy)
  • Lil' Cease Salad (only available on the roof)
  • Bootzin Pasta

ME Casa Restaurant and Catering

ME Casa is a quaint Latin restaurant that serves traditional Puerto Rican dishes. You've probably seen their awesome "Got Mofongo?" food truck around. They're also the only BYOB restaurant to make the list (hello savings!)

You have to try:

  • Empanadas Sampler
  • Mofongo al Pilon
  • Tostones con Mojito

Written by Janet McIntyre

Janet is a Jersey City newbie but loves all that the city has to offer. She loves anything food related, and, like a true millennial, documents everything she eats and cooks {pics or it didn't happen}! Follow her eatventures at @jamshungry.