A {#Beernerd's Guide} to Jersey City Bars

A {#Beernerd's Guide} to Jersey City Bars

Posted in Drinks on August 10, 2017

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Beer lovers unite! I've found 5 incredible spots to enjoy a huge range of beers in downtown Jersey City. Whether you love IPAs, Blonde Ales, Stouts, Ciders, Sours, Lagers, or fruity beers, these 5 places are sure to satisfy whatever you're craving the most!


This gem of a beer house is incredibly fun if you like sports, games, and beer. Each table is adorned with their own Connect Four set. Ask the bartender for darts, Cards Against Humanity, or Chess. The back wall is lined with awesome beers on tap.


If you want the beer selection of a traditional beer hall, family tables, and a rustic atmosphere, look no further than this spot on Jersey Ave. A huge selection of ciders and beers from all over the country can be found here. They also offer some of the best selections of sour beers in Jersey City. If you're a sucker for sour beers, you should definitely try Avery Brewing Raspberry Sour. Würstbar offers a great selection of bratwursts, sausages, and poutine to pair perfectly with your beer.

Atlas Public House

A classier approach to beer tasting accompanied by live jazz on certain nights. Atlas provides a backroom library, an upstairs dining section, and a long bar full of ales and brews - some from Jersey City's own Departed Soul's Brewing Company. Fun Fact: Atlas is the only venue in the state to exclusively have NJ self-distributed beers on tap. Atlas' menu is listed in a leather-bound booklet, and it's accompanied by wonderful bartenders who are always more than happy to lend a suggestion or two for good choices.

Greene Hook

If you're looking for a good beer spot close to the water, Greene Hook has a view of the harbor from their outdoor seating. They offer many wonderful beers, as well as shuffleboard, darts, and plenty of large screens to watch your favorite sports teams. They also offer great happy hour deals, but you gotta jump on them fast as they end a bit early at 6pm. I recommend the Pork Belly as an appetizer!


With 48 craft beers on tap and the literal best horizontal view of Manhattan, Taphaus might be the perfect beer lover's spot. If you love IPAs, you are in luck, as there are many featured on the extensive menu. Some highlights: Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ales, Belgian Delirium Tremes, and La Fin Du Monde. One to try on the next visit: Radeburger Pilsner (which is like a Stella, and is very popular with the Taphaus crowd). Cheers!

Written by Julie Hansen

Julie is a relatively new resident to JC, and is eager to explore, to share, to talk, to {discover}, and to have fun! She does yoga in her spare time, and loves staying active every day. Keep up with her @julieshungry!