Sneak Peek {15 Photo} Tour: Hudson Hall Smokehouse & Beer Hall Opening Soon

Sneak Peek {15 Photo} Tour: Hudson Hall Smokehouse & Beer Hall Opening Soon

Posted in Drinks on August 12, 2017

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I walked in and was immediately stunned at the incredible look and feel of Jersey City's newest resident, Hudson Hall. Hudson Hall resides at 364 Marin Blvd. across the street from O'Hara's Downtown with an estimated capacity count of 280. Talk about a lot of steins.

Have A Night had the opportunity speak with both one of the owners, Peter Borovicka, and the GM, Kevin Hunt. These two guys were not just incredibly welcoming in showing us every square inch of the new place, but they had a very noticeable passion for giving people a special experience when visiting. This is not just another venue that serves food and drinks. Every detail was thought out from the curved "da Vinci" ceiling in the back bar (or "Deli") to the antique bathroom stall doors.

When they bought the space two years ago, there was only a 4-foot crawl space underneath the building. That didn't stop these guys from digging to make a full size basement complete with a huge walk-in beer fridge, a kitchen, another walk-in food fridge, and space for their employees to take a load off.

This smokehouse and beer hall will make you feel like you are in eastern Europe with the aesthetics, along with the 21 taps (2 being cider) of beer, esoteric wine selection and a cocktail menu that is 70% whiskey based. The 21 taps, as opposed to 30-40 will preserve the freshness of each beer. There will be a nice selection of 55-60 beer bottles if you want to be more adventurous. In terms of wine, don't expect to find your usual cab, pinot grigio, or chardonnay. They are sticking to their concept of being different not just on the food and beer side of things, but also their wine. Step out of your comfort zone and try some delicious wines that you might not be used to.

It's imperative to know that "smokehouse" does not mean BBQ. You won't find any ribs or fried chicken here, but you will find housemade smoked pastrami, salmon, and spatchcocked chicken. The old World Charcuterie menu inspiration will be on the lighter side rather than giving you heavy dishes that would require a nap afterwards.

The Hudson Hall Deli will be open for lunch everyday at 11am. The goal for the future is to have takeout and delivery through the Deli while also selling their housemade pastrami by the pound, but the focus for now is a successful opening. There are 10 taps and a full bar in the Deli too.

The plan is to have a soft opening at the end of August with the official first day of business being in early September. Below are some of the photos we took on our visit and can't wait to take more when Hudson Hall opens in the next few weeks!

If this doesn't scream "Beer Hall" I don't know what does.

Amazing view when sitting at the front bar.

Beautiful (untouched) coloring in the wall from years and years of use.

Open every day at 11am!

This social atmosphere will keep you coming back for more.

Smokers used for the meats, seafood, and more!

Though the archway is the open kitchen with the Deli bar and lounge further back on the left.

Watch the chefs perform in this wide open kitchen!

Even the detail in the restrooms are impressive!

Notice the beautiful work on the curved ceiling in the Deli.

A perfect place to relax and grab a cocktail.

Who's excited to sit down and try all Hudson Hall has to offer?!

Written by Adam Smith

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