Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Beat Street Closes, Bar D Opens

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Beat Street Closes, Bar D Opens

Posted in Eats on August 15, 2017

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In the heart of one of the hottest, hippest neighborhoods in the country, a restaurant holds its grand opening one month - then closes the next. A celebrity chef created an elevated street food inspired menu, and a street artist designed a hip hop-inspired space meant to serve as a place to hang out and listen to different genres of music, all while in the company of Jersey City's creative class. Across the street from Warehouse Cafe, at 150 Bay Street, the Transmission club underwent a major redesign that didn't go as planned.

In mid June, "Beat Street" opened its panoramic glass doors, to the anticipation of many. Famed artist Ivan Orama, who has worked with Swizz Beatz, was hired to transform the space into a hip hop lover's paradise. Walls decked out with old school hip hop slogans and pictures were expertly woven together. "Michael McDonald," a bold cultural statement canvas, hung in the entry way as a sign of hipper times. Custom tables inspired by iconic cassettes like Jay Z's "Reasonable Doubt" and Raekwon's (of the Wu Tang Clan) "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx..." were meant to spark conversations about old times - and create new ones. Perhaps by a couple going on a first date, or a small group of business men looking to check out the a-buzz Power House Arts District over on "that side" of the Hudson River. Design, menu, staff, location - it should have been a hit!

However, as mentioned before, the doors were shut as of August 1st, and reopened as Bar D, serving a small 8 dish menu with the same chef in the kitchen. The proprietor, KC, has moved on from the space. He is hoping to find a new venue in Jersey City to do pop-ups with a Brunch menu. Stay tuned for more info on this relaunch.

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