Vitamin Sea: 5 Awesome {Seafood Spots} in Jersey City

Vitamin Sea: 5 Awesome {Seafood Spots} in Jersey City

Posted in Eats on September 06, 2017

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I see food, I eat it. Especially if it comes in a shell, tastes better dipped in butter, and was most likely swimming around 48 hours before it wound up on my plate. If you're a seafood lover like me, this is where to find some good ol' vitamin sea in Jersey City. There's plenty of fish in JC, all served in diverse styles from traditional to cajun-fusion to sushi!

Hooked JC

You've heard of "don't judge a book by its cover." Don't judge a seafood joint by its exterior and chalkboard signage. When you step into Jersey City's newest fish shack it immediately feels like the captain's cabin on an old ship…and that captain is having a party because it's packed in there. Better than its charming appearance is the wild caught fish (they actually changed one of the catches of the day while I was eating) and all the options you have! Pick a fish from the three C.O.D selections. How do you like it? Fried, grilled or broiled. On a po' boy, platter, or with french fries. No matter what you choose one thing is for sure, it's going to be darn good fresh fish because it actually goes from sea to table with nothing added. BYOB, order at the counter and have your food brought to the table while enjoying the laid back atmosphere at Hooked JC. 467 Communipaw Ave.

Morgan Fish Market and Restaurant

If you're passing through Journal Square just up the block is some of the most delicious fish in the city. If you've never had Egyptian-style seafood, then prepare to have your tastebuds blown away by ALL of the spices. Most of their fish is served on the bone because it's just better that way. A filling fish dinner for without costing an arm and a leg, who said good fish has to have an expensive price tag? The decor is not much, but there is a small dining room. A real hidden gem of Jersey City if you're looking for some tender fish. 2801 John F. Kennedy Blvd.

Just BeClaws

Want to get crabs in Jersey City? Just BeClaws is your crustacean destination. A clean low-key seafood eatery with every crab you can think of. Who doesn't love a place that adds juicy succulent crab meat to their fries? What makes Just BeClaws even more unique than its punny name, is the mix of cajun and Vietnamese influence in the dishes. A truly unique and flavor you have to experience in Chilltown. Catch them at their brick and mortar location on 1st St. in Downtown JC or their food truck at Pier13 in Hoboken. Next time you're crabby because you're hangry, drop in to this hot spot. 280 1st St.

The Big Easy

Cravings ragin' for cajun? The Big Easy has your back, especially when it comes to fried fish. The selection here is huge and super wallet friendly. Shrimp, crawfish, and catfish, you don't need to be in New Orleans to enjoy the taste of it. What's more NOLA than gumbo? Nothing! The traditional seafood based soup is hearty at this place and consist of melt-in-your-mouth chicken and juicy shrimp. You can add extra of both ingredients, but who wants more meat than shrimp in a gumbo? Extra shrimp all day! A plus about this place is there is parking right in front, great for take out! 640 Communipaw Ave.


Need to know where your seafood is coming from? Ask the staff for details on the traceability of the uni, tuna, salmon - everything on the menu is traceable! Recently named to's "50 Best Sushi Bars in America," for its ever-changing nigiri and sashimi selections, there is something amazing on the menu for everyone. Fatty tuna is watery and seriously tasty, the uni is beyond creamy and custardy. My personal fav roll is the "Sushi K Roll" with tuna, salmon, and spicy crab, topped with black and gold tobiko. Pair everything with the lychee martini. 95 Greene St.

Written by Kaitlyn De Leonardis

Jersey City born, Kait loves how the city has flourished since her childhood, and the fact that she can now enjoy it as an adult. From 9 to 5, you can catch her managing and marketing storage bin pick up & delivery service StorageBlue Now. Her hobbies include brunch, shopping, and Instagram. What like those aren't hobbies? Follow her outfits and antics @outfittedand_about!