8 Spots to Enjoy the StrEAT Food Festival {with Dietary Restrictions}

8 Spots to Enjoy the StrEAT Food Festival {with Dietary Restrictions}

Posted in Eats on September 13, 2017

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Most of us are anxiously awaiting tomorrow's Manayunk StrEAT Food Festival. The streets will be jam-packed with foodies and people looking for the next hot food trend to snap a picture of for their Instagram. A crowded Main Street is not the ideal time to navigate from food truck to food truck looking for snacks that those with dietary restrictions can enjoy. Getting to the front of a truck to peer at the menu and possibly still having questions left unanswered (are the breadcrumbs gluten free in the mini-meatballs?) can be quite the disappointment, and cause frustration for those looking for a snack when the rest of their group just wants to get in a line already.

We've compiled the best savory and sweet dietary restriction-friendly snacks so you can dart off to these food trucks to avoid confusion or food contaminants!

Disclaimer: Most of these trucks, though the food itself may not contain certain allergens, cannot promise that cross-contamination doesn't occur during food preparation.

GF - Gluten Free | VG - Vegan | DF - Dairy Free | VGT - Vegetarian


Bonjour Creperie - GF, DF

The savory crepes this truck is serving up are made with gluten and dairy free batter. Check out the Jojo crepe and ask for no cheese for a hassle-free snack! Stay away from the sweet crepes though, the batter is not gluten and dairy free.

Ka'Chi - DF

This truck will serve you up a rice bowl with preset toppings that you won't have to swap out. Be cautious when picking a sauce to top your rice bowl with. Also check out the Korean tacos on corn tortillas. All of their marinades for their meats are made with soy sauce which isn't gluten free!

PaperMill - GF, DF, VG

This truck is the home of the Spurrito: the spring roll burrito. Pick your mix of fillings and they all get wrapped up in rice paper to create your very own Spurrito! This is a truck we are going to be sure not to miss!

Surf and Turf - GF, DF

Score some seafood at this truck. Surf and Turf will prepare any of their menu options gluten-free by serving it on a bed of sautéed citrus kale. You may be missing the bread, but their BLT (Bacon, Lobster, Tomato) with sundried tomato and truffle oil sounds mouthwatering on a bed of kale.


The Chilly Banana - GF, DF, VG

Ever heard of banana whip? 100% banana based whips with the texture of ice cream. Your non-restriction friends will be begging you for a taste of this guilt free dessert! Load up with toppings or keep in plain, either way your sweet tooth will be very satisfied.

Lil' Pop Shop - GF, DF, VG

Summer weather may not have stayed around for long once September hit us here in Philly, but you can hang onto the last bit of Summer with a fruity non-dairy popsicle from the Lil' Pop Shop. Keep it classic with a Mango Pineapple Banana or give your taste buds a twist with a Lychee Coconut popsicle.

The Taza Truck - GF

Rice pudding may be an underdog when it comes to desserts, but this classic dessert shouldn't go unnoticed, especially when you have a gluten sensitivity. The Taza Truck has the creamy goodness we'll be looking forward to, not to mention the option to top your dessert with seasonal fruits.

Candygyrl - GF, DF, VGT

When in doubt about what's in some of the other desserts amongst the trucks, Candygyrl has gummy bears and sweets galore. Grab a handful of candy and stroll Main Street with a smile!

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Written by Sarah Baker

Sarah is a senior Fashion Merchandising and Management Major at Jefferson University. She has a love for fashion and food. Catch her roaming the streets of Manayunk looking for vintage clothing or the best gluten free pizza. Check out her food adventures on Instagram @phillyfoodsnobs