5 Jersey City Bars to {Drink Local} Right Now

5 Jersey City Bars to {Drink Local} Right Now

Posted in Drinks on September 14, 2017

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Supporting local breweries is a passion of mine. New Jersey is home to more than 80 breweries making some excellent, flavorful beer. Drinking as local as possible is beneficial to the environment, the small business owners, and the community. Cheers to being mindful and supporting our local economy! Ask for your favorite bar to carry beer brewed in the Garden State - if they need some suggestions have them call me!

The Hutton

At the moment, NJ Beer Company, right around the corner in North Bergen, is brewing some really flavorful beers. Find their LBIPA here (see what they did?). The Hutton changes their beer list very frequently, so be sure to check out the new local offerings. May I suggest drinking outside in the backyard garden, underneath the giant tree, soaking in the few reamaining days of summer?

Atlas Public House

Last time I was here, Atlas had a whole menu dedicated to NJ brews on draft. Beers from breweries such as Kane Brewing, Magnify, Carton Brewing, Dark City, Alementary, Jughandle... the list goes on. If you are in the Grove St. PATH area and in the mood for a beer, definitely check them out. 130 Newark Ave.


Pizza and beer were made for each other. Porta's section of beer compliments the cheesy, tomatoey goodness. 2 NJ Beer Co Bottles, the Garden State Stout and LBIPA can be found amongst the usual suspects. Asbury Park Blonde is a light lager on draft. Head up to the roof with some pals and enjoy some brews in the sun. 135 Newark Ave.

Departed Soles

Did you know we have our very own microbrewery downtown, complete with a tasting room? Some of the brews are gluten free, and all are delicious. A favorite is Philso-rapper, an 8% hybrid Belgian Tripel/Blonde. 150 Bay St, Suite 2A.


Ask anyone who has been in Jersey City for a hot minute to crown a best beer bar and I promise you Barcade will be in the mix. Every day they publish a "What's on Tap" on their website, so you can scout for your favorite hard to find or newly released beers. Recent local beers include Asbury Park Smoked Schwarzbier, Carton Boat Beer, and NJ Beer Co. Weehawken Wee Heavy. 163 Newark Ave.

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