5 Spots to Celebrate {National Taco Day} Tomorrow in JC

5 Spots to Celebrate {National Taco Day} Tomorrow in JC

Posted in Eats on October 03, 2017

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Tomorrow is one of my favorite food holidays that I never knew about: National Taco Day. As much as you might be tempted to go to the Taco Bell in Newport Mall to get the $5 taco gift box, you may rethink that after reading this list of restaurants with great tacos. Or not, no one's judging.

Taqueria Downtown

Taqueria is the Mexican food OG in JC. They absolutely have the best authentic Mexican food in town. Yes, I am a Taqueria ride or die. I love all of their tacos (and all of their food), but if I HAD to suggest just one taco, it would be the carnitas. But obviously, try them all. They are all delicious, and if you're an adventurous eater like me, you won't be afraid of the Cabeza (beef head & cheek) and Buche (pork stomach) tacos.

Orale Mexican Kitchen

Orale is the place to go when you want good food and drinks with cool ~vibez~. They serve some of their tacos in multiple of five, so you will not leave hungry. I love their Barbacoa and Machin tacos when I want something rich, but the Tuna tacos are perfect for when you want something a little lighter. In addition to tacos, Orale has a wonderful selection of craft guacamoles. **I love the Doriloco because who can pass up crushed Doritos on top of guacamole?

Hamilton Pork

Hamilton Pork is really known for serving all of the meats, but their tacos are also definitely worth talking about. They have a bunch of tacos inspired by different cuisines, like a Gyro taco made with lamb belly, a Cubano taco which is filled with pork, swiss and mustard, and of course a Philly cheesesteak inspired taco filled with brisket and grilled onions. My favorites are the pescado and al pastor tacos.

The Kitchen Step

I know you probably think I'm a crazy person for including the Kitchen Step, but hear me out. The Kitchen Step mostly serves elevated American fare, but they have some of the best fish tacos in the game. No matter what time of year, eating these tacos makes you feel like you should be sitting next to the ocean, sipping a tropical drink.


Gringo's is a newbie, but they definitely deserve to be on the list because they serve awesome tacos! They have super fun names like "Pig Out" for their carnitas taco, "King Jong Un" for the Korean short rib taco, and "We Found Nemo" for the crispy fish taco. The atmosphere is great for a good night out.

Written by Janet McIntyre

Janet is a Jersey City newbie but loves all that the city has to offer. She loves anything food related, and, like a true millennial, documents everything she eats and cooks {pics or it didn't happen}! Follow her eatventures at @jamshungry