Where to Ch{Eat} in JC on Your Next {Cheat Day}

Where to Ch{Eat} in JC on Your Next {Cheat Day}

Posted in Eats on October 12, 2017

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I think we can all agree that cheat days are an essential part of any diet. These are days where the only rules are: no counting calories, no tracking macros, and no feeling guilty about what you eat. Incorporating these days into your plan, you can eat all of the foods you would avoid any other day, helping you to mentally stick to your diet throughout the week. Don't waste your next cheat day binging on fast food when Jersey City restaurants can offer decadent meals to indulge in. These gluttonous indulgences are sure to be worth fantasizing about while you are prepping your chicken and veggies for the week or running that last mile at the gym! So, suspend all guilt and try out some of these local restaurants on your next cheat-day!


City Diner

What to order: Chicken and Waffles

There may not exist a more perfect food than chicken and waffles, fried chicken and a Belgian waffle, both sweet and savory, and suitable for any meal of the day! This is a well-earned comfort food after a long week of heavy lifting!

Brownstone Diner and Pancake Factory

What to order: Triple "D" Pancake Wrap

Brownstone Diner is a famously good restaurant for comfort foods of all kinds. You really can't go wrong with a pancake wrap, with a menu boasting a range of fillings from sweet to savory! My personal favourite is this Triple "D," stuffed with gooey mozzarella cheese and buffalo fried chicken and roasted red peppers, I implore anyone to tell me that this isn't delicious any meal of the day!

Smith and Chang

What to order: The Aaron Burr Breakfast Sandwich

The ultimate dilemma: your friends are trying to be healthy, but you're looking to treat yourself! Let your friends stick to their healthy breakfasts at Smith and Chang while you enjoy a delicious breakfast sandwich, the "Aaron Burr" is a delicious combination of pork brisket, fried egg and cheddar the perfect kick coming from the sriracha mayo.


All-You-Can Eat

Nothing says cheat day quite like all-you-can-eat! Get that caloric overload with some of these lunch buffets. A few of the best places to spend your mid-day overeating are Shadman's (Indian), Lotus (Indian), and DoShe (Korean BBQ)



What to Order: Drunken Butcher Fries

Being a Toronto-native, I immediately crave high-cal, greasy poutine for my go-to cheat day meal. With poutine being a scarce commodity here in Jersey City, these loaded fries at Taphaus offer a comparable alternative. They have a complex and spicy flavour loaded with jalapenos, pickled vegetables and pulled short ribs along with a creamy and spicy cheese sauce. If you're really feeling like indulging then this makes a perfect appetizer, otherwise it is great as a meal as well!

Zeppelin Hall

What to order: Sausage Sampler with Sauerkraut and Pretzels

It's a little-known fact that sauerkraut, which is full of probiotics, is the perfect food to eat before a big meal to prevent yourself from feeling terrible afterwards, and it's delicious! Follow this sauerkraut starter by binging on the sausage sampler plate (maybe add the additional sausage for a mere $2) and a giant pretzel or two. This should definitely be a go-to on any cheat day; not a vegetable in sight and all the calories you can consume in German-style meats!


Cookies N' Crepes

What to order: Bulldog Crepe and Mint Chocolate Chip Milkshake

The Bulldog crepe is filled with chocolate, peanut butter, and marshmallow fluff; it is warm, rich, and delicious, and the perfect way to satiate your sweet tooth! This, along with a mint chocolate chip milkshake truly is enough to get you through a week of strict dieting and exercise.

Written by Claire Layton

Claire is a quintessential Canadian girl looking forward to exploring JC one craft beer at a time! She is a graduate student of anthropology, spending all of her free time either at the gym, frequenting comedy bars, or scouring the city for free concerts.