7 Most {Decadent Dishes} in JC To Eat During Sweater Weather

7 Most {Decadent Dishes} in JC To Eat During Sweater Weather

Posted in Eats on November 13, 2017

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It's that time of the year again where we stow away our beach attire and don our beloved elastic-waist sweatpants and oversized sweaters. Yes, that's right: it's officially socially acceptable to wear clothing that completely consumes our bodies. Since we're not concerned about our beach bodies for the time being, we figured we might as well enjoy some of the most decadent dishes in Jersey City.

Left Bank Burger Bar

The Mac Daddy

What do you get when you combine mac and cheese and a burger? The Mac Daddy. Not only is this big, juicy burger topped with fried mac and cheese, but the chef takes it the extra mile by adding smoked bacon and garlic-herb mayo. This combo seems to be a craze as of late, but Left Bank's Mac Daddy will always be the OG. 194 Newark Ave.

Latham House

Pecan Pie

By now we all know that Latham House's food is amazing, but then owner and baker extraordinaire Kris Yettra pulls out her secret weapon, dessert, and you're hooked. The desserts rotate fairly frequently, but when the pecan pie is available, make sure to save some room. Even if you think you can't finish this gooey yet crunchy, sweet slice of heaven topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, just put on your stretchy pants and keep going. 299 Marin Blvd.



Nothing is better than arriving at Broa, an authentic Portuguese bistro, to see that they have Francesinha on the menu. Not for the faint of heart (or vegetarians), this traditional dish is the king of all sandwiches. Between two slices of bread lies shell steak, tri-blend sausage, linguiça (smoked sausage), flamenco cheese, ham, sunny-side up eggs, and fries, and then it's covered with a secret tomato-based sauce. Sure beats a deli sandwich, hands down, every day of the week. 297 Grove St.

Café Batata

Bacon & Brazilian Cream Cheese Batata Suica

When fried potatoes are involved, you can automatically assume that whatever you're about to eat is going to be decadent. Try a whole patty of fried, thinly sliced potatoes filled with two equally, if not more decadent, items: bacon and Brazilian cream cheese. We challenge you to finish more than one of these crispy rich potato patties in one sitting. 382 2nd St.

Brownstone Diner & Pancake Factory

Triple "D" Buffalo Chicken Pancake Wrap

No big deal, but Guy Fieri visited our local diner, Brownstone Pancake Factory, on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives in 2014 and created his own pancake wrap. If you're familiar with the show or the spiky-haired chef, you'll know he's a "go hard or go home" kind of guy when it comes to food, so it's no surprise that this dish is over-the-top. Stuff your face DDD-style with the Triple "D" Buffalo Chicken Pancake Wrap, fluffy oversized pancakes wrapped around buffalo fried chicken, mozzarella, roasted peppers, and bleu cheese. 426 Jersey Ave.


Milk & Cookies

Editor's Note: Milk & Cookies was on Porta's Summer Seasonal Menu, and is no longer available.

I didn't even know Porta had dessert until recently, but after trying the Milk & Cookies, I certainly won't forget. Accompanying the warm, soft and gooey chocolate chip cookies is a jar of their "cookie milk custard," made from crumbled sugar cookies and cream. Should you have as little shame as I, just dive right in to the "milk" with your spoon, or even your fingers. I won't judge. While rich, sweet, and mouth-wateringly wonderful, this dish surprisingly won't leave you feeling heavy because it's very light. 135 Newark Ave.

Hamilton Pork

Churro Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich

After you finish eating enough barbeque meat for a behemoth, you'll need something sweet to finish off your meal. Even if you don't have a meal, you should still come to Hamilton Pork for their Churro Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich. Equal parts hot crispy, cinnamon-y churro waffle and sweet, cold, creamy vanilla ice cream. It's a big sandwich for one person, but I still don't recommend sharing. Go for the clean plate club on your own! 247 10th Ave.

Written by Sasha Kleinman

Born and raised in NJ, Sasha is a recent transplant to Jersey City and has become obsessed with everything the city has to offer. Sasha is a fashion copywriter by day, and die-hard Jane Do enthusiast and (vegetarian) foodie by night. When she's not stuffing her face at one of Chilltown's amazing restaurants, having a couple brewskis at the local brewery Departed Soles, or snuggling with your dog, Sasha is busy traveling the globe with camera (and fork) in hand. Follow her wide array of adventures @sksashafierce and @the_hungry_growlers!