4 Best Brunch Spots {to Fight the Hangover} in Raleigh

4 Best Brunch Spots {to Fight the Hangover} in Raleigh

Posted in Eats on November 29, 2017

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Raleigh has so many good brunch spots that I didn't even know where to start with this list. With that said, I went with what I knew: places that made me feel alive after a night of fun. Check out 4 of my favorites below!

Big Ed's City Market Restaurant

I swear that their biscuits have some curative powers. Big Ed's has something for everyone: Southern specialties (catfish, country ham, Cajun chicken, etc.), HUGE hot cakes (eat 3 in 45 minutes & get a free T-shirt!), omelets, meat biscuits, and salads.

Pizza La Stella

Chicken & waffles breakfast pizza, need I say more?! Weekend brunch here not only features Pizza La Stella options, but also Smash Waffles creations. Smash Waffles is a Greenville staple with a location on Hillsborough Street opening soon. The menu contains 4 different waffle creations, as well as waffle sandwiches. For those looking for some hair of the dog, the menu also offers mimosas, margs, sangria, and specialty cocktails.

Brigs Restaurant

The menu here can be overwhelming; Brigs' has a delicious selection of avocado toast (a millennial's dream, or at least this millennial's dream), omelets, benedicts, and more. Make sure to sign up for their birthday club for a half price meal because the only thing better than brunch is discount brunch.

Mia Francesca

This North Hill spot made the list because of Sunday's $12 bottomless mimosas & unique menu. As the name suggests, this menu contains Italian options instead of the traditional American brunch options. In place of eggs & waffles, you'll find pizza, salads, & pasta. If you have friends that are picky eaters, don't fret: the menu still contains some traditional brunch options.

Written by Taylor Steffey

Taylor is both a full time educator and a full time foodie. When she's not eating food, she's thinking about her next meal (just kidding she does both simultaneously). Her food idols include: Leslie Knope, Joey Tribbiani, and Winnie the Pooh. Keep up with her foodie adventures on Instagram @tay_tastes