Miracle at The Haymaker: Raleigh Bar Gets Christmas Makeover

Miracle at The Haymaker: Raleigh Bar Gets Christmas Makeover

Posted in Entertainment on December 01, 2017

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Raleigh, and even more so at one particular bar. The Haymaker has turned into a Winter wonderland, complete with decorations and special cocktails. It was chosen as one of the 51 bars around the world participating in the Miracle on Ninth Street concept. From November 24th until December 28th, The Haymaker is your spot for awesome themed cocktails and Christmas vibes.

As Saveur points out, "the annual Christmas-Hannukah pop-up devised by Greg Boehm, Joanna Spiegel, and bartender Nico de Soto of New York City bar Mace—with Christmas lights, costumed bartenders, and all. In its fourth annual iteration, Miracle on Ninth and its tiki-themed sister Sippin' Santa's Surf Shack are expanding to over 50 bars and restaurants around the world."

Still not sold? Check out Offline's video which shows the transformation taking place!

Photos via The Haymaker Facebook

Written by John Connell

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