We Need Your Help! Fundraiser to {Bring Boone Back}

We Need Your Help! Fundraiser to {Bring Boone Back}

Posted in Entertainment on December 13, 2017

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We need your help! A close friend of ours is going through a very tough time in Raleigh. Her dog, Boone, (a South African Boerboel who happens to be Have A Night Raleigh's mascot) is in desperate need of a double hip replacement. In the past, you may have seen Boone out and about at Raleigh bars (he loves Boxcar as evidenced by the feature photo), restaurants, and festivals throughout the city. With his size, he's definitely hard to miss! But in the past couple of weeks, Boone has gone from super active to unable to walk on his own.

Donate here - every donation (however small) helps!

From the GoFundMe page:

"Unfortunately, Boone now suffers from hip dysplasia that has taken his ability to use his back legs. Within two weeks he went from galloping around to needing to be carried everywhere, around the house, outside, and so on. He cannot walk without falling or dragging his legs. Our goal would be to get him the double hip replacement, so we could relieve his pain and continue to care for him. The veterinarian's estimate is that the surgery would cost $12,500. Please help us bring Boone back."

Check out a few of our favorite photos of this gentle giant below!

Boone is awesome with children of all ages!

Boone at the Raleigh Downtown Farmers Market for the Cheese Please Grilled Cheese competition!

The Beast, anyone?! Boone and our CEO, Adam looking like a scene directly out of The Sandlot!

Boone enjoying a burger at Bad Daddy's Burger Bar!

Again, no donation is too small, and all are greatly appreciated! Donate here! Thank you so much!

Written by John Connell

John likes to think he is very gifted. His talents include napping, eating sunflower seeds, growing a neckbeard, Ja Rule karaoke, and napping. Recovering from a knee injury, John is currently limited to bar games like shuffleboard, pool, and darts, and accepts all challengers. An avid sports fan, the only thing he enjoys more than attending a game, is the beach. Don't let the knee injury fool you though, he can still get down on the dance floor!