Festive AF: Jersey City's {12 Drinks of Christmas}

Festive AF: Jersey City's {12 Drinks of Christmas}

Posted in Drinks on December 14, 2017

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We've got 12 holiday/winter-inspired drinks to help lift your holiday…spirits {get it?!} Give yourself the gift of these delicious cocktails as you sip and enjoy the flavors of the season. Try a few, or try all 12 - the holidays are a stressful time and we don't judge. It's time to get festive AF, Jersey City!

Keep The Doctor Away at Pet Shop

One too many of these and you might wake up to find yourself on the naughty list, calling in sick to work. This delightful concoction consists of NY Applejack {apple brandy}, Misunderstood Ginger Whiskey, mint agave, lemon, and some Ironbound Devil's Harvest Hard Cider. Yes, three of those five ingredients contain alcohol...now that's our type of hard cider! 193 Newark Ave.

Hot Mai Tai at The Archer

If the rustic cabin atmosphere at The Archer doesn't make you feel all warm and cozy inside, their Hot Mai Tai will! This heated tropical cocktail will make you feel like it's a different type of holiday. The ingredients are the same as a typical Mai Tai {Jamaican rum, curacao, and orgeat}, but this one is topped off with cream. The Archer has a whole list of warmed cocktails this winter. Try the Hot Mulled Cider because you get to add your choice of spirit! Bourbon, rye, spiced rum, and apple brandy are the suggestions. 176 Newark Ave.

The Camp Fire at Órale

Forget about the chestnuts, because this cocktail is on fire! Served at one Chilltown's finest Mexican restaurants, The Camp Fire isn't complete without a torched marshmallow on a cedar plank {bonus points for presentation!} The roaster for this drink is as follows: Avua Oak Cachaca {rum with notes of vanilla and butterscotch}, El Dorado Spiced Rum, banana jam, toasted marshmallow syrup, and Meletti Anisette {cinnamon notes with a hint of sarsaparilla.} 341 Grove St.

The Murasaki at Dullboy

Wine is always fine….especially in a cocktail with whiskey. Dullboy has done it again! This masterpiece consists of two {very fancy} wines: Taylor Fladgate Tawny Port and Giffard Black Rose. It's a mix of Suntory Toki whiskey, raspberry cordial {made in house}, beet shrub, and then topped with szechuan peppers to finish it off. This cocktail is basically Christmas dinner minus the ham. 364 Grove St.

The Western Slope at Low Fidelity

This cocktail is available at one of The Height's latest watering holes, Low Fidelity. The Western Slope has four ingredients: dark rum, allspice liquor, lime, and honey. While the ingredients may not be extra, the taste is. The real star on top of tree is the allspice, which adds a warm winter element when mixed with the other flavors. 328 Palisade Ave.

The Cranberry Spice Smash at Talde

We can't talk holiday drinks and not have a cranberry flavored cocktail on the list. Talde's got it covered. Bourbon, cranberry shrub, cider, and that's all you need to make a smashing good cocktail that will have you feeling jolly in no time! 8 Erie St.

The TLC at Mathews

TLC stands for tequila loves chocolate, and we love all of it! Now this is not your grandma's hot chocolate. Camarena Tequila, Meletti Cioccolato {chocolate liqueur}, mole bitters, a salted cordial, and steamed milk accompanied by an actual roasted marshmallow and chocolate shavings. Sign us up! 351 Grove St.

The Naughty (List) By Nature at Departed Soles

It's baaaaack! And this year the recipe is slightly different. This dark amber ale has notes of fresh ginger, allspice, nutmeg, clove cinnamon, and an extra dose of chocolate malt. This year, the new addition is Simcoe hops, which gives the brew a piney flavor, while the ginger flavor was scaled back. If Christmas morning was a beer, it would be this one. Available while supplies last on-tap in their Tasting Room or to take home in quad packs or growlers. 150 Bay St. #2a

The Golden Elixir at SOUTH HOUSE

SOUTH HOUSE has a pretty extensive list of winter cocktails, and it's hard to choose, but if we have to pick one it's The Golden Elixir because it has ALL the spices and flavors. Copper & King Apple Brandy, cardamom, nutmeg, turmeric, cinnamon syrup, coconut milk {yasssss}, angostura bitters and gold flake. Yes, it's as good as it sounds. The LuLu#2 Chai {Basically an alcohol-infused chai-tea latte} is also a good choice. You can check out their complete list of cocktails and ingredients here. 149 Newark Ave.

The Winter Burns at Atlas Public House

And the award for the most clever name goes to…Atlas Public House. This punny cocktail…Take refuge from the cold and enjoy the libations this worldly establishment has to offer. 130 Newark Ave.

Hot Spiced Wine at Zeppelin Hall

Again, you can't do a holiday drink list and not have some warmed wine. Zeppelin Hall has done it up nice with notes of cranberry and orange, plus a real cinnamon stick for that extra touch. 88 Liberty View Dr.

The Cold Toddy at The Kitchen Step

The Kitchen Step is always kicking it up a notch. With so many places doing hot winter cocktails, The Kitchen Step does the opposite of everyone else with The Cold Toddy. A cool twist on a classic winter cocktail. 500 Jersey Ave.

Written by Kaitlyn De Leonardis

Jersey City born, Kait loves how the city has flourished since her childhood, and the fact that she can now enjoy it as an adult. She can often be found running by the waterfront, in the local vintage shops or killing it on the foosball table at SOUTH HOUSE. Her hobbies include brunch, shopping, and Instagram. What like those aren't hobbies? Follow her outfits and antics @outfittedand_about