5 {Coziest Spots} To Spend the Holidays in Jersey City

5 {Coziest Spots} To Spend the Holidays in Jersey City

Posted in Eats on December 18, 2017

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Not everyone can be home for the holidays. Regardless of whatever is keeping you from home this year, here are 5 cozy places that will give you that 'home-away-from-home' feeling.

Legal Grounds

This small coffee shop will give you all the feels. With lots of pillows and cozy seating, Legal Grounds will make you feel right at home. Bring a book and an appetite, because Legal Grounds offers an assortment of food, coffee, and teas, along with a homey living room feel. 170 Grand Street

The Jersey City Free Public Library

The Library is a great place to spend some alone time. Surrounded by endless stories, you can escape to anywhere imaginable, even if you can't physically be there. Multiple branch locations throughout JC

Corgi Spirits

This new spot exudes nothing short of a welcoming feel. With a cocktail made from in-house gin and vodka in hand, sit by the fireplace and imagine yourself in your favorite holiday movie. 1 Distillery Ave.

NJ Tea

This neighborhood spot is perfect for tea lovers. Offering tea and vegan food, NJ Tea will offer you a new type of comfort food. Stop by for a tea to warm yourself up when the weather outside isn't too nice. 262 Newark Ave.

Sátis Bistro

Located next to the restaurant, this wine bar is a hidden gem in the Paulus Hook neighborhood. You can experience home with countless wines to choose from and some soothing ambiance lighting. 212 Washington Street

Written by Angela Ashman

Angela is a graduate student of cultural anthropology. While living in JC for the past two years, she has developed quite a taste for champagne, eclectic bars and exploring dog parks with her adorable cardigan welsh corgi, Olive. Follow her adventures with Olive on her Instagram @angie_ash!